iOS 2.3.0 - Release Notes

SmartThings iOS 2.3.0 includes two new features and several more improvements:

  • New Device Health: with this you will be able to see devices that are offline or in a low battery state
  • New Autodiscover LAN Devices: +Add a Thing now includes LAN devices such as Hue Lights, Sonos, and Bose speakers
  • Fixed 2 more cases of random logout issues
  • Add a “No Network Available” view when the network connection is lost
  • Update Apple Watch to target to watchOS 3.0
  • Show empty states when there has been no device activity for 7 days
  • Several crash fixes and various fixes including accessibility improvements

@slagle what is the current threshold for low battery and inactive notifying? any plans on making it configurable?

Any documentation on this? It reports some of my devices as “unavailable at the moment” even though they are clearly visible based on the IDE logs. Is there a way for 3rd party DTH to implement this?

Also, the “Explore help tips to solve this issue” link at the bottom of such a device doesn’t do anything.

Yes, I’ve added that to mine. Look at one of ST’s default DTH’s for an example, like the Smartsense Motion Sensor or Zwave Switch. Look for the capability “Health Check”.

For my own DTH’s, here’s what I added: (this works for me)

Add this:

capability “Health Check”

Add this section, or the lines of code to that section if it already exists:

def updated(){
// Device-Watch simply pings if no device events received for 32min(checkInterval)
sendEvent(name: “checkInterval”, value: 2 * 15 * 60 + 2 * 60, displayed: false, data: [protocol: “zwave”, hubHardwareId: device.hub.hardwareID])

And then this: (

// PING is used by Device-Watch in attempt to reach the Device
def ping() {

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Apple Watch app no longer works…I reinstalled and rebooted my Watch and it won’t load.

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after going into the settings and then some re-loading mine seems to be back working

Thanks. That did it. I went into settings in ST mobile app and then it loaded on watch

Thanks - any idea how to do this for LAN devices? I searched through the complete documentation and there is absolutely nothing related to health check documented :cry:

Can someone tell me what this is?.. I often leave my home for a couple of weeks with the alarm on and no activity in the house.

Wow, I guess ignorance was bliss. About a dozen “things” are inactive and I had no clue. Mostly contact sensor on windows that aren’t linked to anything like an alarm or notification. Also a motion sensor and a few door sensors that don’t get utilized much in the winter.

Good update but now I’m realizing how much more continuous maintenance I have if I really want everything to work.

As it stands I spend way too much constantly trouble shooting…

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There’s currently no way to opt out from auto discovery or to refuse adding auto-discovered devices. This is not acceptable. See discussion below:

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Glad to see you’re interested in developing with SmartThings! Unfortunately, the Device Health feature is not yet ready to support third party development. When it is, you will find it in the docs, and I’ll follow up here. Thanks!

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Did this release address the battery use on iOS while using the app?

Anyone having issues with their hue bulbs? They work fine from the hue app but not from ST after the update.

I was checking out some of the new features & saw “Manually Add an Echo” on the add new device page. Hmm, went to the manually add page and there’s no Echo listed.
Is this a new feature which will be coming soon, someone confused a smartapp with a device or a typo?

I have found my app is now not updating the status of Door switches on the mythings page. If I go into the device it shows correct but now the main page doesn’t update and is different from the device page

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My Wemo’s are not playing well. They have all swapped to the new LAN deal and the Wemo Connect app is now gone as expected. However, when I turn them on or off via Alexa or the app they are not updating status in the app consistently. If I refresh sometimes they update status and other times they just refuse.

I thought perhaps this was a coincidence and the cloud to cloud was just acting up again as it does occasionally but it’s been like this for hours now. They have been quite responsive prior to the update today (other than the occasional blip in the service as I said above).

Conversely, my Sonos are finally updating status in ST very quickly. They have always been extremely slow to update status for me.

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@slagle The new Device Health feature available in 2.3.0 does not appear to play well with Nest devices when it is enabled. Most of my Nest devices (cams & thermostat) were listed as unavailable for periods of time after I enabled it. In IDE, they would show as OFFLINE. Disabling the feature restored the devices to available and ONLINE in IDE. But I should also note: I am on the beta firmware so not sure if that factors into it.

I am having other issues with WeMo besides that. I am also using SLC. But my problem is after I turned on health my WeMo and a door contact went offline. I had to pull the battery on the door switch and remove and discover the WeMo. Any you know what a pain it is to set up automations again.

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My morning automation setting has been broken by the update. My WeMo plug is set to go off when the morning automation runs. Following the update it remained on when the automation was run.

Also the update seems to have caused a refresh issue in the app. Noticed today that my WeMo plug was shown as off yet it was switch on. I had to access the switch settings and manually refresh.

I am using the Samsung recommended WeMo plug before anyone asks and have seen no issues until this morning.