Hue Connect Can't find bridge

Hi all,

I know there are many topics on this issue but they’re from last year or prior and many pertain to V1 app.

So yesterday my Hue Bridge and smartThings stopped talking to each other ( I can only assume they argued about which bridge was better ). I did what ST support has told me to do in the past, I removed all of my automation, the hue bridge, and all of the bulbs. I then removed the connect app. The next thing I did was try to add everything back to smartThings, but the Hue Connect app never finds any Hue bridges on my Network.

Any advice on how to get this stupid thing to work?


The same happened to me few day ago as well. I just deleted the Hue Hub device. After that the Hue Connect app located the hue bridge

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Ive manged to fix mine . . .

Go onto the IDE (web browser)
Go to “DEVICES” and delete " HUE BRUDGE "

then go into the app (mobile)
then onto Smartapps and select " HUE CONNECT "
and then search for the hub again, it will locate it this time
press the button on the hue bridge to confirm connection
then select all the bulbs again and complete

everything will be back to normal
all your automations etc will still work


I’ll have to remember this for next time. Unfortunately Hue Connect can’t even find my hue bridge now. Everything still works out side of SmartThings ( i.e. other Hue apps and calls to the Hue API )

I opened a ticket with support, 2 days ago so I should have a response in another 30 days or so.

did you delete it first as outlined in the ide… it WILL not find it till you delete it then it does.

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Yes. I had previously removed all of my Hue devices including my bridge. I then verified via the IDE that there were no Hue devices listed. ( I didn’t see the work around until later )

It finally found my bridge this morning. The tile color for the bridge is yellow which makes me thing something still isn’t right ( because it’s normally green ), but everything is being controlled correctly, so I am just going to pray it doesn’t get worse.

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You only need to delete the HUE BRIDGE devixe nothing else :slight_smile: then use hue connect smartapp to re-search and it will appear and all will be back to normal

Thank you for posting this, it fixed mine in 2 seconds. I had this exact problem 3 days ago. I sent a message to support, but they are still not responding, and I just now came to the forum to ask if there were any better solutions since I didn’t want to delete everything.

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Thank you. I’ve had a ticket open for two days and haven’t heard a peep from support. This took less than a minute and everything is working again.

unfort. one of mine is remote and I cannot do that… now that I deleted the hub and it found it I cannot hit the button to rejoin obviously… pain in the ass … so no hue light control now in the remote locations… but it wasn’t working anyway… I really hope a new much more reliable solution will come out soon… This just doesn’t cut it for remote locations.