Hue not working anymore since latest hue firmware?

I have completely lost all control from the Smartthings app since i updated the bridge to version 01018228. The Wink app and the Hue app don’t have any issues, just the Smartthings app (on iphone & ipad). I was suggested by support to remove all hue devices and re-add them. But i cannot even perform this.

1.- I try to delete the Hue Bridge but it complains that there is still Hue (Connect)
2.- I try to delete Hue Connect but it complains the device is still in use.
3.- Hue (Connect) does not list any available Hue Bridge
4.- The discovery cannot find the hue bridge anymore.

When i try to delete the Hue bridge from i get this error:
“Device still in use. Remove from SmartApps, Dashboards, or Hello Home, then try again”

When i try to delete the Hue (connect) from i get this error :
Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Tue Dec 30 05:36:24 UTC 2014
No such property: id for class: org.codehaus.groovy.grails.web.taglib.NamespacedTagDispatcher

…it is a catch-22, all other smart apps referencing any Hue products have been deleted. Has anyone experienced such frustrating issues with their Hue bridge ?

I tried to install software update on bridge yesterday from Hue app. Result was that my bridge is no longer connected to the network and nothing helps (like reset). It almost looks like the update killed the ethernet card/connection in the bridge. Philips support is trying to figure out what to do next ?!


I am on same firmware, have 6 bulbs including 3xLux. All working fine.

Typically I hit upgrade whenever there is one available but with the hues working reasonably well the last few days for some reason I decided against the update.
Thanks for the warning, guys !

FWIW, I accepted the update some time ago and have experienced no issues.

Nice. Will update it today then.

Ron, did it work with the latest firmware ?

I’m on the latest software, I have 6 bulbs and all of them are working fine. I have my hue bridge with a static IP based on its MAC so it always has the same IP. I know some people have had issues with that in the past.

Giving it a shot now. Hold on tight…

I did a Philips hue update right now and happy to report that it works absolutely fine with Philips hue app, OnSwitch as well as via the ST app. I hope you have reserved ip’s for the hue hub’s Mac address.

I don’t think it is the same thing your seeing since you are using the Hue Hub and I’m not but over Christmas I lost communications with all 10 of my direct attached Hue bulbs and I fear they are orphaned. SmartThings did a firmware update to my bridge the first part of December but I didn’t reboot it until Christmas. Tech support wasn’t much help as my configuration isn’t officially supported.

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Oh, sorry to hear that! I am sure there must be some way to get it back to life. Some guys in here mentioned lamp stealer etc. does that help?

I’ve actually been having much better luck with my hue’s since the update. I’ve actually added all of my GE Link bulbs back to the hue bridge since it seems to work much more consistently than when they are connected to the SmartThings hub. Since the most recent update the Link bulbs no longer go ‘unreachable’ after a few days.

If your update causes your hue hub to get a different IP address you are in trouble. One of the quirks of the system. No way to do anything except remove and re-install the hue

Does anyone have a link to the lamp stealer everyone is referring to? I would like to read up on it.

The lamp stealer I know of only allowed you to move a hue bulb form one ZigBee Light Link network to another. When the bulbs are connected to the SmartThings hub directly they are connected over the ZigBee Home Automation profile and the lamp stealer wouldn’t be able to talk to them at this point.

Once a bulb is directly connected to a ZigBee Home Automation hub (SmartThings Hub) you need a ZigBee Light Link remote to reset the bulbs to factory by directly touching it to the bulb while holding the reset buttons. Phillips makes such a remote and I have it. However this remote only operates on the ZigBee Light Link channels which is a subset of the full ZigBee channel list. If your SmartThings hub is operating on one of these non Light Link channels and your Hue bulb joins it, the Phillips remote will not reset the bulb. This is my situation. I’m stuck I now have over $500 of useless Hue bulbs.

I have talked to SmartThings support and they have not been able to help me.

Download “putty” for windows to use as telnet client. Add a new “connection” of type telnet, use the IP address of your bridge and use port 30000. When using OSX, you can start the and type “telnet” to get the telnet client. Than you just type in “telnet ipofyourbridge 30000″.
Once connected, just type on your keyboard: [Link,Touchlink]
and hit return. That should be it.

Your Lamp should be near the bridge (around 30cm). Make sure it is powered.

This works as Lamp Stealer.

This may not work as bulbs linked to ST are not on the right channel, but if it does, you will have your bulbs back.

@jjhamb Thanks!! Yep I bet this is exactly what the Lamp Stealer program is doing behind the scenes!! It is intended to let people move a light from one Hue hub to another. I’m 99.9% sure in my case it wouldn’t do a thing as my bulbs are not joined to a Light Link network.

I don’t even know where my Hue Hub is and just to double check you are talking about opening the port to the Hue Hub not SmartThings?

Yes i am talking about hue bridge. I would like to know if and when you get to try this out. This procedure works for moving bulbs from one hub to another. Not sure if this will work with bulbs linked to ST.

Anyone know of any intent to use the new Hue API? And new functions?

Seems like I’ve lost all control of my hue bulbs. Anyone else having the same issue?

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