Hue Bridge not adding to ST on Android

Been trying to add the hue bridge back into ST. About 2 weeks ago, the integration went haywire. Removed the integration, went to add it back, but when trying the “connect to hub” method, it does nothing. It tells you to unplug the Ethernet cable from the hue bridge for 10 seconds, plug it back in, and press the button on the bridge. But nothing happens. The “link account” cloud to cloud integration will work, but it’s just awful and slow. This is on Android. Anyone else seen this happen?

Have you rebooted both your router and ST hub? Which hue bridge do you have… v1 or v2?

Yep, I’ve rebooted all 3. The st hub (v3), the hue hub (V2) and router.

You may want to consider a community developed Edge driver for Hue:


Also, login to your Hue account and clear out any old linked integrations from there.

I’ve been trying this all day but nothing works. In fact, I just keep running into more and more issues with ST with other devices. Ready to throw the towel in and get rid of it. Multiple st hub resets for 15+ minutes, deleted all ST links in hue, and nothing. I added the edge driver you provided, it finds the hue hub, but it never stops saying “this device hasn’t updated all of its status information yet.” Even after hours, nothing.

What does this mean? When I hear hub reset… I get an uneasy feeling. I hope you are saying you powered it off for 15 minutes???

There have been some hue issues so not sure if your issue is related:

You may want to open a ticket with ST support.

Yeah lol unplugged for 15 minutes.

For the last error - this device hasn’t updated blah blah blah… try rebooting the hub to ensure the driver initialized. You can reboot in the Advanced Web App

@saosinx88 If you decide to use my driver here, and have and questions, feel free to ask. I’m surprised at how difficult the rollout has been for the stock Hue driver.