Hue Bridge Offline after router re-boot

Does anyone have a method to get a Hue Bridge back online in ST after making changes to the network? I played around with my Eero mesh network, which should have had no effect on the “wired” side of my network, had to reboot of course, and all my Hue bulbs went offline and have stayed that way for the week. I’m loathe to remove the hub and reconfigure as I will lose all my lighting automations and have to spend time rebuilding them all. Before I do that, I wanted to see if anyone has discovered a way to get a Hue Bridge back online without removing and re-adding?


Did you power cycle the Hue Bridge after the router reboot? It would cause it to call home to the Hue cloud.

Check the IP address of the hue hub. Does the router show 2 slots for the hue? Does the ip address change on a router reboot?

Sometimes I need to reboot the router twice, first time caused hue to get a new ipadress, second time hue hub gets back its original Ip address

…sure did… more than once.

Thanks, will try that again. Only rebooted the router once so far.

Can you control the lights through the hue app?

Yes, I can control with the Hue app no problem.

I’m pulling my hair out here. (didn’t have much to start with)
Whatever I do, I can’t get Hue to connect with ST. I have completely removed Hue from ST now, starting over, which I really didn’t want to do. I’ve confirmed it’s all gone, nothing in IDE.
So, now that I’m staring over, it’s like I’m a new customer, so here I am trying to follow the simple directions to pair my hue system with ST. It just doesn’t work. What boggles my mind is that when I “add a thing” in the classic app, there’s nothing to do to the hue bridge to put it in any kind of “pairing mode”? Even when I go to ‘add device manually,’ and select a hue bulb (very odd that only individual bulbs are listed now) it just stares at me and never finds any hue devices. I’ve reset the hue hub multiple times now, i’ve rebooted the ST hub multiple times… I’ve rebooted my router… i’ve pull the ethernet out of the hub, you name it… nothing, but nothing helps them find each other. Yes they are on the same wired network. This USED to work just fine until it didn’t one day.

Meanwhile, the hue app works fine to control the bulbs, so I know that part is working.
Help! This is not the integration I am looking for!

I Resolved this fyi. Problem was because my EERO mesh wifi network needed to be in bridge mode with my router. I had forgotten that I had taken it off bridge mode during a re-config. This also negatively affected Sonos too.