One way Communication with Hue Bridge

I am seeing an issue where my Hue Bridge is showing as connected on ST app and I am able to control all bulbs from the Hue app. But I am unable to control anything from ST app. But when I control the bulbs from Hue app Insee on ST that the bulb status is getting updated and also gets reported in events. I have never seen such behavior before. Anyone else who saw this and was able to resolve it?

I tried restarting hubs, refreshing IPs and other things. No luck. Have a ticket open with support as well.

I wonder if it’s related to this:

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I had similar issue with my zwave devices this morning after the update. A disable/enable of zwave radio resolved it.

The Hue hub issue however is persistent. Tried hub restarts, router restarts, etc… no luck.

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The hue lights started working this morning on their own. Strange!

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