Unable to add back Hue Bridge (strange bug)

So this is a strange problem: I had an issue in which my hue devices suddenly stopped working using ST. I decided to delete the hue bridge and reconfigure everything from scratch. Unfortunately, it seems like something strange happened and now I have a ghost bridge still on my ST hub that’s making it impossible for me to add back my bridge. When I attempt to add hue back using the ‘add things’ page or manually add a hue device, I get this weird error in the logs:

“super_connect_error /description.xml returned a bridge that didn’t exist”

Prior to this error I can see the actual request. In the request, the IP address of the hue hub is correctly shown but it seems to think the hub is already added (it’s most definitely not).

It ultimately seems like there’s still some remnants of the Hue bridge on my ST hub which is preventing it from being added again. Even worse, there’s no way to delete the corrupt data because the hub is no where to be seen in my device list.

This is a long shot but anyone know of a way to fix this without having to rebuild my entire ST collection from scratch? I have ~70 devices :frowning_face:

Think the only people who could help are Support, they will be able to remove it for you.

Give them an email support@smartthings.com

You’ve tried what limited things we can

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Thanks for the response kraegd. I’ve never contacted ST support so hopefully they will do more than just stating the obvious (yet most inconvenient) fix and doing a factory reset. It definitely seems to be a “ghost” device because the log says “device was already found in state” and “unable to add mac”. It seems to think it already exists in the device list and yet it most definitely does not.

Wow… just noticed the third party ‘Hue Connect (Advanced)’ app and decided to give it a try. To my surprise, it immediately detected and paired the hue bridge and found all my devices (and groups) :smiley:

It must have been some sort of strange error with the stock ST ‘LAN super connect’ smartapp.

Any luck?

22:27:53: error super_connect_error Caught exception while adding device with type LAN Hue Bridge, exception : org.springframework.security.access.AccessDeniedException: Access is denied

See third post – I found a workaround using the third party ‘Hue Connect (Advanced)’ smartapp and associated DTH’s. The issue still exists but that it’s not worth doing a factory reset and the third party solution works just as good (if not even better than the original).

ST support wasn’t of much help. They just referred me to the basic Hue troubleshooting page which is pretty much a “Did you try rebooting your devices?” page and not relevant to my issue.

Hi. Bit the bullet. Complete reset. All sorted.

When you say completely reset- what did you do? reset hue hub or smartthings? (or both?)