Hue Bridge Light Query

I recently bought a Hue bridge and added in 3 bulbs. I then added the Hue Bridge to ST.

The bridge shows up as Online in ST however the bulbs keep changing from Available to Unavailable even though they work perfectly fine from within the HUE app directly.

Does anyone know how to resolve to ensure that the lights stay available in ST? The ST hub and bridge hub are in two separate rooms that are beside each other.

I came across thispost from 2016, but it’s an old one, but seems to mirror my current issue


are the bulbs showing unavailable in the hue app also?
how far are the bulbs from the bridge and from each other?

@TonyFleisher No, the bulbs work perfectly within the Hue app. Lights are in the room overhead ie bedroom and the hub is located it the sitting room

@jkp and its gone :slight_smile:
ST hub is on Channel 15
Hue bridge is on Channel11
Wifi is on channel 5 and 9 (its a Linksys Velop), normally I would have the routers hardcoded on separate channels.

Hue bridge can be changed to 11, 15, 20, & 25, I should be ok to change to 20, no overlaps at that point.

let’s go simplier. try turning off device health in ST and see if they return as available.

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@JKP Thanks, I’ve turned it off and see how I got on over the next while.

@jkp 22hours in and its looks like they haven’t lost connection yet :slight_smile:

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@jkp its mostly staying up, or at least better, but with ST’s issues the last few days not sure if its ST or hue…but way better than before.

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One other thing you might check is that the software on the hue bridge and lights is up to date (settings -> software update in the hue app). There have been several firmware update in the last few months that improve reliability.

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@jkp, @TonyFleisher, After testing different settings and configurations, the only thing was to move my Philips Hub to a new location. Since its new home, which is away from my Wifi router but beside my ST hub, my hub and lights are staying in contact with each other.