Philips Hue Bulbs Offline

Hi all. Hope you can help. For the last 3 or 4 months my Philips hue bulbs keep going offline in ST app. This then stops Alexa controlling them also. To fix it I go into add device and go to Philips hue and it makes them appear online again but only for a few hours. Hopefully someone can help because I’m very close to moving away from ST if I can fix it asap. Its the complete opposite to smart lighting at the moment

what method are you using to connect your hue bulbs to ST: cloud-to-cloud integration; direct connection between a ST and hue hubs; or using a community developed Edge Driver (if you have a ST hub); or no hue hub but instead the bulbs are directly connected to ST; or Matter? if you have a ST hub, which model?


Hi. I am using the aeotec hub and also have the hue hub. I have linked the hue hub to the aeotec hub. All lights are directly connected to the hue hub. This did all work great at first. Then it started to happen to the odd light every once in a while. Now it’s maybe half my lights twice a day. To get them online again I have to go in a link the hue service and they all refresh

I have had the same issue. There are 2 options for HUE, one is to link HUE account with ST and the second option is connect HUE hub locally to ST HUB. Just be aware, that you will need to re-configure automations/rules/etc. when you change between these two methods.

I am not 100% what way I have it. I believe I just linked the hue hub in the aeotec hub. I do however have the hub showing in the smart things app. Which one worked for you?

When I used cloud method, I had HUE connected in linked services. Only devices connected to HUE bridge were visible in ST, but not HUE bridge itself.

So I removed this option and connected HUB directly via “local” method, then I saw HUE bridge and all devices connected to HUE bridge in ST.

So which of these do you use? Because on first screenshot you are showing connected HUE service and on second it is HUE bridge present in ST. I’m a bit confused.

It is possible in the smartthings architecture to use both integration methods at the same time, once via linked services, and once with the local LAN method. If you do that, you get double entries for everything.

Judging from the screenshots, it looks like that’s what the OP has done. Used both integration methods at the same time. :thinking:

To be honest I am not too sure. Originally I just had the hue bridge linked to aeotec.l through the app and I couldn’t see the bridge in ST. while I have been trying to fix the issue I seen a video from automated your life on YouTube that showed another way by adding a driver and bringing the hub into the ST app. So I tried that but that made no difference either.

When I open the hue bridge in the ST app it shows no connected devices. Should I remove that from there. It wasn’t there previously and I still had this issue

I may have done that by mistake. Only showing 1 of each device do and I also had this main issue before I tried the other way.

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There is also the Matter integration that can be used. I switched to it several months ago and it has performed well. Users have reported temperature control range is not available if that is a concern for you.

Are there any guides I could follow. Happy to try anything at this stage. No problem doing ally automations again. I just need to have it stable

Hey, when you used matter with your Hue bridge, were you still able to use that bridge in non-matter integrations to other platforms? I’ve heard it both ways, but not from fully reliable sources.

One of the key advantages of Hue in the past was that it was what in network engineering terms we used to call “promiscuous” (there’s probably a new term for that now), Meaning, you could connect it to any integration it supported at the same time as all the other integrations it supported. You didn’t have to pick one or the other in most cases. But they have been moving away from that a bit over the last two years.

Anyway, I was just curious. Once you set up the bridge for matter, is it still available for non-matter integrations? :thinking:

My hue bridge is connected to ST and Home Assistant using Matter and still connected to Apple Home with non-Matter integration. It runs fine.

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You can keep the old integration in place and switch over your devices in Routines/Scenes and then remove the old linked integration.

To add Matter if I remember correctly… in the Hue app, go to System > Smart Home > tap on the + and select Other apps. You can generate a Matter pairing code. Then go to ST and Add Device > Matter and manually enter the pairing code.

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