New hue bulbs not appearing in ST

I have a ST hub V3 and 2 hue bridges all connected in the ST app. This all works fine with no problems.

The issue I have is that I added 2 new hue bulbs, set them up on the hue app, however they are not created in the ST app.

I have tried rebooting the ST hub, hue hub and router, nothing works

I the ST app I tried adding device and scan nearby, but nothing happens.

Shouldn’t be bulbs automatically appear in ST when added to the hue bridge?

Things have been changing so much recently so forgive me if this does not help.

Try going to Menu, tap on Settings (the cog) and tap on Linked services. From the list, tap on Philips Hue if it shows up. Do not click edit. See if they appear and close the screen. Then look in the Devices section… probably in No Room Assigned.

note: only applies to Hue’s linked integration with ST… does not apply if using Edge drivers.

FWIW, lots of hue integrations on multiple platforms have been reporting some issues in the last couple of weeks (but not for all people). This specifically affected new devices added to a hue bridge not showing up in third-party integrations. (This is what happened to me. I got a new hue tap dial switch and it wouldn’t show up anywhere except the hue app itself.) This may have to do with the recent update to the hue app and their new coming requirement that everybody have a Hue account and be signed in.

There’s some steps that did fix it for quite a few people, including me, but I don’t know if they will affect the smartthings integration or not, as I don’t use that one. But here it is in case you want to try it, it shouldn’t hurt anything.

  1. make sure your hue app is up-to-date and all hue bulb/accessory firmware is up to date.

  2. sign into your Hue account if you aren’t already signed in (caution: I just found out that if you are signed into your hue account and you use HomeKit, it doesn’t want you to ever sign out ever again. See note below.)

  3. make sure your mobile device software is up-to-date

  4. if you are on an iOS device, go to settings, privacy, HomeKit, and toggle hue access off there.

  5. reboot your mobile device

  6. if you are on an iOS device, go to settings, privacy, HomeKit, and toggle hue access on there

That seems to fix the issue for a lot of people. It did for me. It looks like something in the work that hue is doing to get ready for Matter temporarily paused some integrations.

Note that the procedure as I have described above did not require rebuilding any automations on any platform. Some other suggestions are removing the hue bridge and adding it again, but that will require rebuilding all your automation so I would put that off until trying the other method. Also note that even removing the bridge and readding it will not help unless you have done the other steps. :thinking:

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Where did you see this? That would be a pain since you can’t use the same email for multiple hubs.

It was a pop up in the hue app when I opened it yesterday. But I didn’t screenshot the message.

Apparently, it started rolling out to some EU users earlier this year:,cloud%20servers%20of%20Philips%20Hue.

And a new pop-up: it’s now telling me that if I do sign out of my Hue account, I won’t be able to use the hue bridge in HomeKit anymore! That’s definitely new.

my sign-out screen does not look like yours

Yeah, I hear they’re rolling this out slowly. But if you don’t have it yet, it’s probably coming. Mine just showed up yesterday. :thinking:

I saw this blog post. I think they are misreading the member management functionality. You can currently add people to the “Home” through member management and they have control via the cloud. You can also just add a person to the bridge by tapping the button on the bridge and pairing locally. That isn’t tied to a member but to a specific device installation.

I haven’t seen them say anything about removing the second option for local control only as it is the same way other apps and drivers connect to the bridge.

The cloud account will be required for remote control, security dashboard (cool by the way), and cameras

I understand what you’re saying, but yesterday I got a very clear pop up within the hue app, which said that signing into the Hue account would soon be required. (I was not signed in at the time.)

Then, now that I am signed in, I am getting the new pop up which I just posted which is telling me that if I sign out I’m going to have a bunch of stuff deleted. Again, that’s inside the hue app itself. And that’s also definitely new.

I just spoke with someone there this morning and they confirmed that you can remove a bridge from a Hue account and the bridge will maintain all of its devices and associations. You would lose access to the features listed above that are cloud dependant. Maybe it is just a limitation they are adding to the Hue app itself, but the bridge doesn’t even have a concept of a user account.

If they do require a login, I hope they maintain local control of the lights from the app. It is so much faster.

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When adding new lights to the Hue bridge I then go in ST and Add device → Partner devices → Philips Hue. I did this a few week ago and it was fine. Is that no longer working?

Added two new lights to ST today as described above. No issues.

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What’s happening here now? I’ve got Hue hub with two dimmers and 6 gu10 bulbs integrated to st app through edge driver and today they stopped working in st app showing as connected but not functioning. I can control them in hue app but I have automations setup in st.

Are you using

The official cloud to cloud “linked services” integration?

The official edge driver integration?

The custom edge driver from @blueyetisoftware ?

Multiple reports today that the custom edge driver stopped working, but I don’t know if a cause has been found yet or if other integration methods are also affected. :thinking:

Yes I’m using @blueyetisoftware driver just found the thread about people complaining about it. I guess we need to wait a little while until this will be resolved thanks anyway.

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More discussion of an upcoming account requirement:

The security researchers at Mysk report that Philips Hue “will soon force users to create a Hue account and sign in to continue to use the app” including controlling their smart lights.

Bummer. That’s terrible for multi hub setups since you have to have a different email login for each hub.

Hopefully they’ll fix that issue as part of all this. But we’ll have to wait and see. The only official announcement I’ve seen is the pop-up inside the app that said sign-in would be required in the future, but no details.

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