Hub V3 - use the old or the new app?

Have a SmartThing Hub v3 installed and all my things added to it, but hesitant to decide what app to use and looking for some guidance.

Benefits that I see with the old app is that I can use custome DTH and other things, but are there any downsides of using the Old App with the Hub v3?

Want to decide what app to use before inviting the family members to have access to the system.

You can use both. Whoever you invite will have access to both, too. Personally, I use both and my wife uses Classic only.


Understood that both could be used, but if I want “full” functionality in the new app (being able to control all devices) I need to stick to standard DTH as custom DTH aren’t supported.

So that is a negative option for using the new App.

So leaning against using the Classic App, but are there any downsides of using that App with the new Hub v3?

Some device handlers can be modified to work in the STSC app, read the following thread for info:

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No downsides except for the fact that they have said that the classic app will eventually go away, so whatever you are counting on in that might stop working some day. But no one knows when.

Meanwhile, the following might be of help (this is a clickable link)

If you’re starting from scratch, using the classic app means you’ll need to re-do any routines you created since those don’t exist in the new app. You also can’t pair via QR code in the Classic app.

One thing that puzzles me are how limited the new App is, take a simp task as changing a setting of a device. If I was to rely solely on the new app I would not be able to change any settings on a device, feels there is a long way until they can close down the Classic App, or are we to end up in a situation where +75% of the functionality simply is removed from our systems when they cancel the Classic App?

Only time will tell.


How can you use both? Nothing shows up in the classic app for me?

Two things to try… change the home location (if by chance you have two locations) used by the Classic app or logout and login as a new user and select your Samsung account.

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The new app doesn’t allow half the functions in the routines as the old, I’m screwed if they get rid of the old!

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how to use both? i preffer old one also but when i’m trying to login to old one it doesnt see my account which i had to make in new app?
Could you explain step by step how did you login to old app with v3?

I replied to your question in your other post.

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