Old or New App?

I was using the old version of the app but have bought a Samsung s9 plus and it has the new one built in, both are currently in use on the new phone.

Is it worth switching over to the new app completely? It all looks new and unmanageable at the moment.

Any thought on new versus old, how easy the transition is greatly appreciated!

There are a few discussion on this already with opinions and such, but my opinion would be to continue using the Classic app - especially if you have custom DTH’s.

The new app has a long way to go before I’ll even think about using it. In fact, I was able to uninstall it on my Note 5 somehow even though it was originally forced on me (I think). Now I just have the Classic app:

even though it is trying to get reinstalled (auto update turned off for the app):

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Avoid the new app for now.


This FAQ should help ( this is a clickable link):

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