Hub v2 won't go into the blinking green LED pairing mode

:confused: I’ve been struggling for days trying to debug a pairing issue I’m having with my v2 hub. Even after unplugging the hub, removing the batteries and reapplying power while pressing the factory reset button has not resolved the issue. When attempting to “Add a Thing” from the app, the hub’s LED never blinks green (indicating it’s in pairing mode). I have over 150 devices connected to this hub and I’ve never experienced a pair problem before. Since the v2 Hub won’t go into pairing mode, it doesn’t matter is it’s a Zigbee or Z-wave device. Nothing pairs at the moment.

Does anyone have a recommendation on how I can fix this issue?

Reboot your phone

SmartThings Tech Support wrote: Dear SmartThings Customer,
Thank you for reaching out to Samsung SmartThings support.
We appreciate the opportunity to assist you. I understand that you are experiencing difficulties while connecting the new devices. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. Please be mindful, the V2 hub only has a range of 50-100ft and can have over 150+ devices connected. We do not have an exact number to go by. However, I looked at your account and it seems you’ve got two hubs in one location, which may be the reason why the devices don’t go into the hub pairing mode.
Since you do not have any devices connected to the “NVIDIA SHIELD”, I would recommend you move the NVIDIA SHIELD hub to the new location or remove it from the current location. Then, try adding the new devices to the V2 hub and let me know the results.
Hopefully this helps. If your issues persist, please email us back. We are committed to resolving your concerns.

My response : Thanks for the recommendations. All of my attempts to pair have been within 3-feet of the hub. Remember, the hub was not going into pairing mode. Distance did not matter. Fortunately, your recommendation to remove the “NVIDIA SHIELD” hub worked!!! After removing it, the v2 hub easily went into pairing mode. :smiley:


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