V2 Hub not finding devices

Howdy all,

While I’m waiting for support to email me back, I can’t seem to get my new V2 hub to work. I got it up and online, (removed all my old V1 stuff and hub from account) Finally I can get a few sensors to be seen, but only right next to the hub. Anything else it does not pick up. I’ve tried disabling wireless, that didn’t fix it. I have Z-wave switches that refuse to pair.

Did you follow to exclude the devices (zwave) before pairing them to a new network or reset zigbee’so before pairing them?

Nope. But after I posted I did. :slight_smile: Thanks for confirming, things work now, imagine that.

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You are the superman! :slight_smile:

Hah, while you’re still here for help, any reason why a couple of GE link bulbs don’t come on? Not even with the pairing, just not turning on in a certain fixture.

Seriously I have just two GE’s and they baffle me…: I simply bring it closer to the hub and go crazy with a 5 dollars lamp and go switchity on and off till they reset and pair… Hate those… I don’t have the patience. I would get the Lux’s at the same price now… I know I was not much of a help here! :wink:

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I’ve got like 20 something GE Link bulbs connected to my V2 hub… They have not been giving me any problems at all…

… except for this one bulb… the evil little bastard!

No matter where I put it, it will just stop responding. It will be on and refuse to turn off. It will be off and refuse to turn. It does not report correctly to the hub. I think it just turned 13… damn teens…

But I regress…

I just ignore and come back a few hours later and it’s working fine again. Not sure why… I’ve tried resetting it a brazillion times and it still won’t work right… Ignore it, and the problem goes away!