Hub V2 Update 000.019.00020 (latest update, 1/13/2018)

RE latest update: FYI: I have a driveway sensor that actives the Arlo Pro…which still “works”, but no notification sent from ST.
My motion sensor shows as “open” then “closed” in SHM history and the “notifications” under “More” tab app but no longer sending the actual txt or SMS. Noticed no change in ability to view Arlo camera vids in the ST app either. Shows as zero length,and is 2 min in the Arlo app. Got an Arlo notification but no ST? Usually get both.

I haven’t had a chance to test them all, but the 10 or so ST branded sensors in my house no longer report status. I’ve been in my office all day, nothing on the motion sensors since 3:14 PM for example.

already a thread open on this topic