Arlo Pro battery status updates

I’m using Arlo Pro cameras with SmartThings. This has been working fine but on or around January 12, 2018, the battery status of the cameras stopped updating in SmartThings. There is seeming accurate battery levels in the Arlo app but not in ST (last update, Jan. 12). Everything else seems to be functioning as before. Did something change around Jan. 12, 2018?

My hub updated to 19.20, (though ST call it 20.xx for some reason) on the 13th.
Look at your hub in the ide to see when it was updated. May be related.

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Thanks for the response and my apologies for the double post. It was meant to be two different issues but I got distracted. My hub was also updated (019.00020) on the thirteenth. I will file a report with SmartThings and let them know about the problem.

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cough SmartThings rarely puts out updates without breaking something… par for the course 95% of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love the platform, but I wish they would QA/QC just a tad bit better.

With that said, I see battery status my standard Arlo cameras as well (I’m on FW 000.020.00015). So, it could just be the version that was released.

support told me verbatim that the battery reporting in Smartthings isn’t accurate so…

19.20 is the latest hub firmware release. 20.xx is a new codebase that is currently in a beta stage that a small subset of users are currently testing.

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If you go to Things, select your camera and then turn the camera on you can then select the refresh icon and Smartthings will fetch the readings from Arlo.
If you do a reset without enabling the camera, nothing happens.


I appreciate that. I used to be on the beta list but came off as I didn’t want to be a Guinea pig anymore. What confused me was a hotfix that went out in 20.14 for beta users I think went out to the masses as 19.20.
As long as everything aligns in the end to avoid confusion is all that matters.

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Brian, thanks for the tip about activating the cameras then refreshing. It worked.