Alarm triggered by updated?

Last night we were suddenly awaken by “Intruder Alert” sirens going off, lights on, the whole works only to find it was a false alarm (thank goodness). Looking at the IDE at that exact same time there was “ENTITY_UPDATE” - hub was updated but I am still at V17.00012. Any ideas? What was updated and why wasn’t I informed ahead of time? One of my door contact sensors showed “open-closed-open-closed-open-closed” within that same minute which is what triggered the alarm. Very frustrating! I LOVE my SmartThings, but had I known something was going to be updated I wouldn’t have been so freaked out!

stuff will get updated without notice.

Can the above be considered advance notice? Just a bit far in advance.

That’s why I don’t use a SmartThings siren.

I get this once a day with “ENTITY_UPDATE” and usually without any problem. In your case it did sound like the cause. I am surprised you are still on v17. 00012. We are at v17. 00020 now for V2 hub. I do have email before the update so maybe you should get in touch with support and get the new update also get on the email list.
Agree with @ero4444 about siren and Smartthings. Too many false alarms for my liking. I have just strobe lights and that usually enough for the rolling eyes from my wife. Siren will be the end of my hobbies :smile:

There is an 18.20, and 18.21, and a 17.12, 17.13, and 17.14. Not sure why you would be seeing 17.20

Forgot I am in the beta program. Didn’t know 17.12 still around. That’s quite a few versions back.

During the update from 16.x to 17.x, we had to go through a fairly involved migration step. During the rolling update, we found small improvements that only affected that migration step, but still delivered the Hub to the same final result. So 17.12, 17.13, and 17.14 are all effectively “up to date” - it just represents roughly when the Hub did the 16->17 update. We marked them as new versions though in case we somehow caused a regression we would know when it happened.