Hub v2 Update to 19.20 (No advance notice)

Received a text at 10:22 AM US CST (while out of the house) that Hub v2 would be upgraded to 19.20 very soon.

I just reviewed my account and the update was completed about 20 minutes ago.

SmartThings Hub v2 19.20 Update page:

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"We apologize that we were unable to provide advance notification of this update as we strive to alert you to updates before applying them. However, due to a critical concern regarding video streaming, we need to apply the update without advanced notification. Your Hub will briefly experience downtime of less than one minute as it reboots and applies the update. "

I guess it’s pretty critical to push it out that quick.


I’m fine w/pushing out an update w/out notice, but that’s probably because I’ve never had an update mess up my system. :slight_smile:

Sometimes when critical things are messed up you gotta do what you gotta do…I’m sure the folks using video streaming thought this was very important.

Neither had I, until now :cold_sweat:
Bunch of sensors do not update and like half of webcore pistons do not work.
Did one z-wave network repair and got this image
I’m doing second one as we speak. Hope for the best :crazy_face:

Update: Second repair worked :smile:

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I’m having the same issue. When I read the email, I couldn’t believe they did this. Unless they are not telling the real truth about the update. It doesn’t seem like an emergency to me. Now how to I get everything working again?

I did 2 z-wave repairs and it still took more than 2 hours after that until everything began running again.
Your mileage might vary, depending on devices and automation.
I didn’t have to do anything else.

Based on what they say prompted this update (camera feed fix) I know it wasn’t an emergency. It had to be something else.
Also, there’s nothing in Announcement section.


And the miracle on my side is… I didn’t get any sensor out this time. First time ever.

Another good news is at

They are saying that the most expected feature for people often out of town is being considered.

Can I postpone an update or manually force an update myself?
No, not at this time. SmartThings is working on allowing customers to actively accept firmware updates, but this option is not currently available.

Personally I hate this. I don’t care that it didn’t break my system “this time”, I care that they think they should be in control of updates to MY device whenever they see fit without notice. This isn’t the first time they have pushed an update without notice.

I should have the option of disabling automatic updates to MY device. I would then schedule the updates at a time of my choosing when it would be less likely to impact me.

I despise companies selling me a product and then trying to keep total control over it. It is immoral and evil.

Rant over, I feel better now :wink:


They’ve been officially considering it since at least December 2014. I’ve had conversations with senior staff about it since that time. Others may go back further.

Note the following thread from 2015:

If ST is going to lie about why they are doing an update they should get better at making up a story.

I’m wondering if there was an actual critical security flaw that they are not telling us about.

If anyone was hoping that 19.20 would solve the “Device Unavailable” problem. I can report, it does not. The thermostat in the room with the hub just conked out.

Turning device health back off again… too bad…

Is this that made it urgent?

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pushing updates without warning is becoming industry standard… There used to be these devices called PCs (before phones became our main digital appendage) that would not only update at will, they would often require a long time to complete, and interrupting the update could brick your box… i cant remember the companys name that did that… somewhere out of Redmond as I recall… :sunglasses:
and dont get me started about adobe or Symantec. lol

My Xiaomi Door Sensors keeps on becoming unavailable wtf? After the update.

In the last few years, it’s actually become the other way around, as companies like Apple established the idea that consumers could delay or even refuse updates, although on their side the companies could also stop supporting older versions.

In low cost home automation in particular, many top companies allow you to choose when update will occur. That includes Apple’s HomeKit, but also wink, homeseer, Phillips hue, etc. “An update is available” is pretty standard now.

There are some exceptions (nest is an obvious one), but many home automation systems do give consumers the option whether to sign up for automatic updates or not. Choice is good. :sunglasses:

I’m having the same issue.

How can I join the Beta? 0.19.20 is disaster and totally broken. How can I get the 0.20.14 update?

I had to do network repair too. It helped for about 48-72 hours. Now it is totally broken again.
Is there plan to update to 0.20.14 soon? If not, can I revert to old firmware?

I am totally fine with auto-update of firmware, if the support stay behind it, make sure it tested, help customers when it is broken. That’s doesn’t seem the case here.

This was posted yesterday to someone who also asked about joining the current beta.