Hub v2 Unboxing and Install

I just receive my smartthings hub v2 yesterday. I’m brand new to ST, so this is my first experience with the product.

Unboxing, setup, and initial install of the iOS app were very smooth.

However, adding devices has not gone well.

I started trying to pair some GE 12722 switches that I’d already installed and are working fina manually (new switches that have not been connected to anything ZWave before). Spent about 3 hours trying. No go. Nearest switch is 4 feet from hub. I’ve tried the general “Connect New Device” as well as the options for GE and Jasco under both the marketplace and the “Connect New Device” from the upper right menu. I’ve turned the hub on and off, i’ve reset the circuit breakers. I’ve tried toggling the switches. Nothing.

I was able to pair with my Sonos (non Zwave, uses WiFI to connect).

So next, I tried pairing to a Smartthings motion sensor, just to see if it might be having trouble with the GE stuff. However, that device won’t pair either.

Not sure how else to troubleshoot. Can’t even tell if Zwave is even on. I’ve tried the “repair zwave network”, but that hasn’t done anything. I’ve tried the General Exclusion, but not sure how that is supposed to work

Feeling a little lost.

Not the experience I was expecting or hoping for so far. Is getting started supposed to be this difficult? I’ve looked here for troubleshooting help and see to have already done everything that has been discussed.

Bad hub?

Even if you haven’t connected the switches to anything, it can’t hurt to do a Z-wave exclude first, in case they were paired by someone who returned it, in the factory, etc. If that doesn’t work, I would definitely recommend contacting

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Once zwave devices are paired to a hub they stay paired unless you explicitly unpair them.
Force a unpair from the old hub with the new hub run a general device exclude.

Menu>Settings>[Your Location]>[Your Hub]>Zwave Utilities>General Device Exclusion.

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Congrats on getting your hub! Like the other said, definitely try resetting the switches via Exclusion even if you think they’re good to go. If you continue to have trouble please email

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When I do that, I just get a spinning display that says “Exclusion Mode Active” Am i supposed to do anything else? The GE switches don’t really have instructions, they say to see your zwave hub for instructions on adding devices.

for the ge switches, they need to be connected to power,put the hub in general exclude mode, then you tap the switch paddle (on or off) to exclude them

Yes turn the switch on/off that you want to exclude. SmartThings should say it was successful.

More tips to help with your migration:

Awesome! All you’ll need to do is tap the switch to confirm the reset/exclusion process. Our support team is available at to assist via Live Chat also.


As Tyler says, we’d love to get you on support and help out.

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Have been able to get one of the switches excluded. took about 10 minutes for the app to give me any feedback. No idea if the other switches need to have the same thing done or not. This is looking like it is going to be a very long, very tedious process.

I will probably have to do that. Will have to find a good time that works, because right now, it seems like will take 15-20 minutes per device to exclude them (have only succeeded with one) and I still have no idea if i can get a Zwave device to pair since none have succeeded so far. A little guidance would help. Should pairing take 60s, 5m, an hour?

It should just take a second or so for both pairing and excluding.

yikes, ok. exclusion took at least 5 minutes. good to know that its something that should happen quickly.

15 seconds minimum for each, plus The time to switch from one to the other. Still a lot faster than five minutes, of course. :sunglasses:

Just like you have to press on our of to exclude you have to do it the same way to include

I have been using ST for several months now and for the first time a few weeks ago had to do and exclusion on a GE switch because it would not pair. It was not a good experience especially since I knew how to do it. I tried like 10 times then finally chatted with support. They asked me to try it one more time while they were watching and it worked right away.

Me: It worked, please tell me you did something.
ST Chat: I wish I had but I did nothing :smile:

The switch paired right up and was a brand new switch sealed from BB.

Don’t get discouraged, once you get the hang of things you will breeze right through each device. ST support is awesome, they are there…use them. Then you will post back that you are broke because you spent all your money on sensors :smile:
Keep us posted.

Congrats! I am super excited to get mine tomorrow. I have about 50 devices to re-pair so that should be fun :smile:

Just got mine today. I have been slowly removing my devices over the last few days and will make the change over tonight.

The minimote has been a valuable tool for excluding devices. I highly recommend it.

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thanks everyone.

finally got somewhere. all the devices required exclusion before they could be added. the first one didn’t give me any feedback in the app for several minutes, but eventually came thru. most took about 30 seconds

was then able to add them. the first ones went quickly. some devices up on the second floor never gave me a confirmation but showed up in the thing list several minutes later anyway and are working fine.

was useful to know just what to expect, how long it should take.

Installation was tough, had to delete devices and start fresh, but overall experience has been very positive with new hub. Much stable, and faster Hub. Was able to purchase on discount from SmartThings and sold off the old one for $50+ on ebay. Has been a very good $40 upgrade to V2 Hub.

Here’s my review on Amazon.

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