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Jasco Plug-In Switch ZW4101 Doesn't Pair

(Mr. Smith) #1

Hey guys,
I got a Jasco plug-in switch and I can’t get it to pair at all. Directions say to press the button once and it will connect but I get nothing in the ST app. I’m 5 ft from the ST hub. I’ve done several factory resets. I’m starting to think this thing is a dud.

Thoughts? Any tricks?

(Mr. Smith) #2

Bump… I just rescued this module from the donation pile. Giving it another shot.

(Mr. Smith) #3

Never mind. I got it! I found a technique using General Device Exclusion for GE/Jasco devices and it worked! YAY!

(Jeffrey R Motes) #4

I am having the same issue with the Jasco zw4101 and I cannot get it to connect to my smartthings hub v2. Any help in what you did please!

(Steve Gonzales) #5

Same problem here. Brand new SmartThings Hub and <1 year old Jasco GE ZW4101. Just keeps trying and trying. Both plugged into the same outlet.

(Stefano Landi) #6

HI I have ST hubv3 and several ZW4101 but cant figure out how to pair them. How did you end up doing it? You mentioned " a technique using General Device Exclusion for GE/Jasco". thanks in advance