Help Getting GE Zwave Switches Paired with Smartthings Hub

So my V2 hub died, and support told me I had to delete all my zwave devices and install a new hub. I installed my new hub, but I cannot get any of my already installed two dozen or so, GE/enbrighten switches to connect to the hub.

I know it’s not a distance issue; for I was able to pair both my yooksmart shades in the master bedroom, which is the furthest point from the hub on the second floor. I cannot get first floor switches paired. Any advice or what process I should use through the app?

I have been trying to add them by going add by partner device >> GE >> and scanning the QRCode on the switches themselves.

I get to that screen and it just says “something went wrong”

Did you exclude those devices from the old hub, or factory reset the switches? If you didn’t, exclude them using a general exclusion on the new hub. Zwave devices need to be first excluded from the old hub before they will add to a new one.


The old hub is dead. Are you saying these devices are permanently paired to the hub?

My god. Just found this:

Going to try it.

No. You can exclude them using the new hub. Open your hub page in the app. From the 3-dot menu, select Settings, Z-wave utilities. Then select Z-Wave exclusion. While that is running, do the same action that you do to initiate inclusion on a switch you are trying to add to the new hub. The hub will find that device and exclude it. You should then be able to add it to the new hub.


That worked. Thank you Bry!


Hub Replace is available to use. It should move all your devices and routines from the old hub to the new one.

But if you have move your devices already… it would not help at this point.

I was told that was not an option for me by support. Obviously in hindsight, I now see the “exclusion” process but I had no idea what that meant.

It became available recently. I believe the support staff are reading from an old script.


The last post about Hub Replace that I saw from SmartThings staff said that it would only work if the hub being replaced (dead or alive) had been upgraded to 0.50 firmware. For non-beta users that’s only supposed to start rolling out today.

Edit: post from Kianoosh and corrected firmware level required