Hub V2 Power Cycle Router if Hub Goes offline

I’m pretty sure there isn’t currently a way to do this, but thought I’d check. About once a month our Uverse router goes offline and has to be rebooted. It would be great if there was a way to use ST to automatically turn an outlet off and back on when the hub goes offline

Any thoughts

This will eventually be possible when “arbitrary” SmartApps can run locally and/or a specific case is added to or as an submitted & approved SmartApp.

I think power failure or hub disconnected will eventually be Events we can subscribe to.

I have a remote location with wifi Thermostat, SmartThings controlled electric hot water heater, wifi Cameras etc…After a few times of my router flaking and arriving to a 80 degree home with no hot water I got one of these.

Expensive solution but reliability is nice. Its quite configurable as far what kinda of internet health checks to perform. Scheduling routine power cycles, order of cycling ie modem then router or router then modem and how long in between, email notifications, etc…

I think that the local processing would help make this possible (eventually). That’s actually a great use case. I tried to do this once when I first got V1 hub and learned a lesson the hard way.

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