SmartThings trigger power cycle of modem when offline?

Hey everyone, I have a quick question, and maybe the more experienced users could help me out. This morning, I noticed that my internet was down. I power cycled my centurylink modem and all was well. This got me thinking about automating the process. Is something like this possible?

Something (Smartthings, or something else) detects that external internet is not accessible.
Trigger Smartthings to power cycle my modem, which is plugged in through a smart plug.

I have a v1 hub right now so I don’t think this is possible since it has to have an internet connection to do pretty much anything. But, I’m considering upgrading to a v2 hub. Since this new hub can execute some events even when offline, could this be possible?


Most rules run in the cloud, so without internet it makes it hard. v1 everything runs from the cloud. Only smart Lighting and Smart Home Monitor can run locally, and only with standard devices handlers.

I do not know of an event/tirgger of can’t connect to internet, I can see a reboot loop with something like a bad cable.

This thread had a similar issue and we worked out a solution that allowed a reboot if there was power reset, using local rules. Perhaps something similar could work.

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Fair enough, thanks for the response. If the v2 hub can’t even execute a basic turn on plug-in device without accessing the cloud, then that’s really disappointing, and obviously renders my idea moot. I guess I’ll look into network-based power switches a bit more.

@De1taE1even There is a way to do it with a machine and using a Wemo power switch.

This guy had done it while ago, and the Wemo switches aren’t too spendy.

v2 can do a basic turn of a switch without internet (ie at 4 o’clock turn on light or with motion). Smart lighting is limited to only certain events, and detect internet is not one of them.

If you want reboot modem if internet is down you may be able to do with automation technology like Selenium. You could create a script that pings google every 5 minutes, if a response is not returned, the script will log into your modem, and click the reboot link (assuming you have one). There maybe simpler options out there, but you will most likely need a machine running and constantly checking for internet.

That’s pretty darned cool. I’m more of a Java guy, so maybe I’ll take on this little project with a Java version of his code. Thanks!

I work with Selenium on a daily basis at work, so I could go down this route as well. Thanks for the suggestion.