Powercycle Router locally if no internet?

Hi All –

Trying to find a way to cycle the power on my router if there is no internet, is there a way to do this with ST ?

This would be assuming WiFi is still active, but the router just has no internet.

Something to detect no internet connection, then cycle a smart plug that the router is plugged into?

Thanks in advance!

I tried to do this too, wasn’t successful in finding a solution via ST. ResetPlug is one stand alone receptacle that will do the trick, but it’s overpriced. I have had very good luck with just plugging my router into a daily digital timer I had laying around that turns it off for 2 minutes then back on in the middle of the night. A regular reboot of a modem/router/pc is never a bad thing IMO. Has been quite stable for months using this method. I can only think of one time during the day I had to power cycle it, whereas before it was once a week or 2 it seemed. Maddening.

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I’d be tempted to think of the ST hub as a device you might also want to power cycle occasionally and think in terms of solutions that use an independent infrastructure. For example, and I haven’t thought this through at all, you might have a separate mobile broadband router to use with wi-fi sockets serving the main router and the hub.

You can, of course, splash the cash and consider mobile broadband failover to avoid the loss of internet on the first place, or one of the dedicated reset switches expressly designed for the job in hand.

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This is a good question, and one that has been discussed many times in the forums. :wink:

The simplest answer, as @crevasse mentioned, is one of the Wi-Fi plugs that is designed for exactly this purpose. There are a couple of different brands. They work by regularly pinging a website (some brands let you choose what website you want to ping, others just make you use the manufacturer site). If the ping fails, The Wi-Fi plug then reboots itself. Simple, reliable, whether it’s overpriced or not is an individual evaluation. :sunglasses:

See the following discussion thread:

ResetPlug for Modem/Router/Hub

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I’m using my FrontPoint security system’s Z-Wave switch via cellular connectivity capability to allow me to remotely toggle my router, access point and ST hub (three separate switches) if anything get wonky. I also have a whole home generator for power outages. If it’s just the internet that goes out - which is very rare, then I am forced to wait for that to come back on.

It’s not an automatic solution but since I already have the FrontPoint security system, it’s what I have and it works great.

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$40 isn’t so bad for that device which is specific and effective.

Think I’ll pick up one! Thanks.

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RPi with a script pinging and if fails then it can restart the router. I have a Huawei LTE router which has an API so it is easy to reboot. Or you can use a Sonoff with a custom firmware from the community which has a reboot command through http.

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I hadn’t noticed that ResetPlug seems to have dropped in price to $40 from the original $60. But, it’s no longer available on Amazon nor direct from ResetPlus so probably out of business or maybe they’re coming out with version 3 (Indiegogo startup). But there are a few similar devices on Amazon for half that or less. Ankuoo

I still like 3gstore’s model. It costs $99, but has a lot more features, has two plugs instead of one, and let you choose the website to ping.

But there are lots of different brands with different features, you just have to find when you like. :sunglasses:

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