Cycle Power for Inactive Hub Event

As many other TWC customers probably recently experience, my modem frequently (a couple times a month) stops talking with the TWC server. This causes me to lose all remote monitoring abilitites. I think it’s a TWC issue because cycling the power on the modem always corrects the issue. The connectivity issue seems to mostly pop up when I’m away from home and cannot manually cycle the power myself.

Has anyone has created a SmartApp that will turn off an outlet on a Hub Inactive event, wait X minutes, then turn the power back on? I’d like to connect a smart outlet to the power strip feeding my modem, router, and SmartThings Hub, then use a SmartApp to power cycle the power strip. Effectively resetting and restoring my connectivity.

I’ve searched the community and haven’t found anything regarding this yet, but it seems like a good idea and a good way to make use of battery back up on Hub 2.0.

Not exactly what you’re looking for as far as SmartApp, but I got one of these for a remote location where I was having similar issues.

Used it to reboot my modem and then my router if connectivity failed.

Thanks Scott. That definitely solves the problem though I was looking for a cheaper solution by utilizing existing equipment capabilities.