Hub v2 Offline for over 1 1/2 days - Hard Reboot?

My hub has been offline for 1 1/2 days. Reboot command is not reaching the hub.

I submitted a ticket yesterday, but no reply yet.

Any ideas would be great!

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Assume you aren’t anywhere near it to see the status light/force a hard reboot?

If I ever had to leave it a long time in charge of well being of a house, I’d consider a local lighting routine or timer switch for reboot. All computerized devices can have heart failure, especially consumer grade.

Meanwhile I think you are out if luck if you can’t physically reboot it. Wish I could help more.

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Yeah I’m home. I only see a red reset button. Are you saying that is a reboot button, not a factory reset?

If you are there? Easy. Unplug it for 15 min. During the 15 check that your network cable and router are working.

After that plug it in and post the light sequences you see on the front especially. The back could be useful too.

Also submit a ticket to ST for the record.

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If you have a newer model hub, you must both unplug and remove the battery to force a reboot.


My bad guys. It is v2. I updated the title.

Getting the hacksaw out now to open this thing up wide…

No hacksaw needed! I’m sure you are kidding.

I forget about the batteries.

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Umm yeah. So did I! LOL

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That did the trick. I’m back up and running.

Thanks guys!


The hub I have at a remote house I Did NOT put in the batteries for this reason and I put it on an independent wifi switch… I haven’t had to utilize it… hopefully never.


Same here. Rebooted and now it’s back.

This time I’ll leave the batteries out. Really like the idea of batteries on v2, but pity that there’s no power button.

Had this happen yesterday as well.

I have a REALLY simple suggestion for the firmware guys.

  1. provide a rest API/Endpoint to reboot the hub.
  2. have the hub reboot itself after X minutes offline.

Either of these would allow for the hub to reconnect after a network outage (which is what usually knocks mine offline) unless of course the hub itself is crashing (which we can’t tell, since, um, it’s offline.)

I’d settle for 1, since I could write my own reboot script. But 2 seems like a no brainer too.

I have a v2 hub with a reset button. I used that last night and it was not a factory reset; it recycled everything without having to take the batteries out. SmartThings support suggested I use that, and it was easier than my prior method for rebooting.

My V2 hub has been down since yesterday. I am 3000 miles away from it and I don’t have anyone that can press the reboot button for me. I have remote VPN access to my network and I am wondering if there is some way I can trick it into going back online. I can override the network’s DNS settings and disable switch ports remotely. SmartThings support hasn’t responded to my ticket yet.

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I did a remote tcpdump on the network port that my hub is connected to.
Every couple minutes it looks like it does a DNS lookup for which has been returning
Then it looks like some traffic on port 443 is exchanged with then after a little while this loops and does the same thing.

I’m wondering if someone with a local hub could power cycle their device and let if know if it also checks in with or if this has changed with the latest update. It looks like they are using a self signed CA for so hopefully they didn’t screw up and somehow forget to create a backup of their CA private key.

Please let me know if you find a way to remotely reboot an unattended hub!

I’m new to ST; about a week.

In this time I have had the hub go off-line for no apparent reason on 2 occasions. Once it came back by itself, the other time it did not.

There were no power cuts as evident from no flashing alarm clocks etc. I could also immediately remote in to ALL my computers at home via TeamViewer, and could also access my router. So it is/was definitely NOT a general network outage issue.

I happen to have a WeMo Insight switch. It too was fully functional during both ST outages. As a solution to powering the hub off/on I will be plugging in a power bar to it, and my server + hub into the power bar. My reasoning is that if I have Wi-Fi access I can reset the connected devices…

[As one earlier post said, 'bout the only fool proof reboot is an old mechanical timer, still readily available]


did you get anywhere with this? my device cannot get updates, so they are sending me a replacement… but i’m with you on its a screwup on their end. either cert or the fw released to some users.

How does that mechanical timer work for a reboot remotely?? Thanks

It doesn’t work remotely. THAT is the entire point…

Being old style, on a timer, it reboots once a day, as a minimum, say 4AM. The entire point of having it “mechanical” is that when you lose your ability to remote control, it provides a last resort & means to reset/restart all your devices once a day at least if you are unable to attend, say when your summer house is 300 miles away.