Hub v2 keeps going offline and back online every 2-3 mins

(AB) #1

Grateful for any help please with a v2 hub which keeps going inactive and active in a loop every 2 to 3 minutes. The hub is connected to the main router and I have tried 3 new Cat6 cables and no joy. Thanks in advance for any ideas as I think it’s the router settings that need changing somehow as I am having the same issue with a Philips Hue Bridge connected to the same router (Netgear D7800). Interestingly I have another 2 devices connected to the router via Ethernet which are fine.

(Robert Robinson) #2

Did you contact Support ?


Do this to test things.

  1. Disconnect Ethernet for Hue Bridge, unplug Hue Bridge.

  2. Reboot the ST Hub via IDE:

Does this issue start immediately when the hub comes up? Or does it take some time before it starts going offline/online? Sporadic or reproducable right away?

Monitor this without the Hue Bridge being connected.

Does the issue still exist or is it staying online?

(Jimmy) #4

try rebooting by pressing the red button on the back of the hub one time

(AB) #5

Thanks all for the replies. I am away until early January but will try when I get back and have physical access to the hub. Will post again in due course.

(Jimmy) #6

in the mean time, you could try the reboot from IDE that WB70 mentioned

(AB) #7

Thanks! Just tried rebooting and no luck in resolving the issue. Such a shame. Hopefully support will comeback with something soon


Just out of curiosity, where is your ST Hub sitting with respect to distance from your Router / Modem / Other electronic devices?

Is the hub a good 10 feet away from everything? Or is it sitting right on top of everything?

Have you tried shutting down everything else on the network (ie: laptops and desktops)? Unplug all unneeded Ethernet connected devices from the router (laptop, Hue Bridge, etc.) for testing only.

Remove the other two devices (ones you said were working) and plug the ST Hub into one of those two ports.

It’s possible that the Hub has an issue (not likely due to same problem with Hue Bridge), but in order to troubleshoot, you have to try and isolate things down to a potential/single cause. The fact that you said your Hue Bridge is doing the same thing, leads me to thinking that you have some sort of Network issue happening within the router causing some sort of disruption of your internet connection. The ST hub going offline / online is one thing, but to have the Hue Bridge go offline as well, something else is at play, as the Hue Bridge is totally independent of your ST Hub (from a connectivity standpoint).

I would run the test scenarios above using just the ST hub or the Hue bridge to try and identify what might be transpiring within your environment/network.

(Alessandro) #9

Did you resolve your issue? I fear that i am getting a similar issue

(AB) #10

Hi there. No I have not been able to resolve the issue yet as I do not have physical access to my hub until next week. I am planning to do a reset and start from scratch. I’ll keep you posted and if you manage to find a fix, please let me know. Good luck!

(Alessandro) #11

Thanks. Seems like my issue was just related to the outage from yesterday!

(Michael) #12

Did you resolve your issue?
I get the same problem

(Alessandro) #13

Has to be unrelated. my issue was over a year ago and once the outage was done it was fine.

(Michael) #14

Thanks, I’m just going to try fix it.

(Mikey H) #15

I’ve had this same issue for months with a V2 hub. I contacted support through their official “support” email and Twitter with one response 4 months ago saying “it looks like everything is fine”. I am 100% sure it’s the hub as I purchased/installed multiple V2 hubs at the same time for friends and family yet this is the only one with that issue. All of my networking gear is brand new, and internet speed is 400mbps. Plus none of my other devices are offline when the hub is offline. It just went offline as I’m writing this, so frustrating.

Good luck with your hub, I really hope you have better luck then I did with support.


(Dennis Tegenbosch) #16

I have multiple v2’s too. One is offline in the app but solid green on the hub itself…

Its like this for weeks now, email support a week ago but no responds yet.

Your hub is also solid green at the status led?

(Mikey H) #17

Unfortunately, mine goes completely offline. The hub led turns blue or flashes. I can’t remember which, but it is definitely not green.