Hub offline

For the past several hours my hub has been going offline. The first time it was down for over an hour. I tried different cables, power supply, rebooted the hub, router and modem. My connection to the internet is working normally. After an hour the hub came back online for 5 minutes and now it is offline.

Anyone else having trouble? I have contacted support but have heard nothing back yet.

Is your hub connected directly to your router?

Yes, but the router was not the issue. I connected the hub directly to the modem and it stall wouldn’t connect. Whatever was causing the problem it cleared up after two hours. I was not having any connection issues during the outage. It probably was a routing issue somewhere on the WAN.

Not to say that’s common, but the one time I had mysterious hub offline issues it cleared itself up too. There are a lot of moving parts to trouble shoot between your hub and ST’s servers.

I just got my ST Home Kit. It’s been up and running for about 1 week and now I am getting this offline issue as well. As above, internet is working, it’s connected with an Ethernet cable, rebooting, etc. does not resolve the issue.

I have to say, been experiencing too many “little” issues. Motion sensor caused some problems; camera keeps disconnecting from WiFi, now this.

What is the general reliability and uptime of this system for others?

I’m offline as well seems to be another outage like yesterday.

Yesterday’s outage knocked the hub in my vacation home offline. There’s no one there to reset it and there won’t be anyone there until February. So much for Smarthings monitoring.

I was live logging in the IDE working on another issue and saw the same thing as well. My hub disconnected 3 times in the last hour, the last one still hasn’t recovered.


Yep - hub is down again. Two days in a row that I’ve come home to a dark house.

I’m just dropping a “me too” into the thread.

Hopefully I’ll be able to turn my Christmas lights off later.

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Me too. Manual reboot required. Christmas tree left on after departure. I’m not a fire safety nut but it did concern me.

I hear you…I trust ST so much these days that I put my xmas tree on a Wemo switch. (and none of my wemos are going through ST)

I have been having the same issues the last 2 days, I have to power cycle to get it going.

By power cycle, do you mean unplug it and remove batteries? Or is there a simpler approach?

Someone tripped over the Ethernet cable again in the server room? Someone is trying to demonstrate the robustness of ST and SCOUT security system?

Why is it that it’s telling me my hub is offline? Shouldn’t it be that ST server is f’ed up and we are sorry your hub can’t connect to our server…???

Please get your shit together…

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Well, even power cycling doesn’t do anything.

But this time, I’m leaving the batteries out. This is happening frequently enough to make the process simpler.

Maybe time to plug the hub into a wemo plug. Can always power cycle it with the wemo app. Wemo is looking more liable these days

You all are getting a solid blue light, right?

Yes. Off and on all. Day.

All of my local apps are working fine. None of my cloud apps are working. Solid blue light on hub.