Hub migration tool

Who wants to try?


Sweet baby jeebus, hell just froze over…

Someone pinch me, is this real? Color. Me. Stunned.


Miracle. What about backing up existing hub so if your hub fails you can restore to a new hub?


One step at the time. @blake.arnold can you answer on previous question

Should be straight forward. This migration tool is already going to back up the existing hub for migration purposes.

@blake.arnold This should be part of SmartThings app, with options to Backup hub or Transfer to new hub. Another suggestion, move Linked Services to view with Rooms, Devices, Scenes, Automations, etc. see below


Will this tool work to upgrade from version 1 hubs to v3? The description says that it requires firmware 24.11 or above, but v1 hubs stopped getting updates back at firmware v13.1. Hopefully there is migration pathway for us old-timers.

Yeah this feature is too little too late…

The ADT hub was left behind at version .19

You missed the following on that page:

  • The hubs are either a 2015 or 2018 SmartThings Hub
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This made my morning!

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Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be here all week.

Make sure you try the prime rib and remember to tip your wait staff!

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Yep, I called it a few days ago… more surprises :slight_smile:

See thinking positive works!!

Do you have a vegan option?


Im sure theres imaginary tofurky instead of the imaginary prime rib Eric, although theres no accounting for taste. :wink:

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Hopefully the QA on this is better than on the latest version of the “new app”.


This will be nice if a v4 hub comes out!

You have to call and ask for the tool to be enabled for your account. I wonder is that a one use event, would you have to call again if you again move to yet another hub?

** The migration tool must be enabled by the SmartThings Support team at Phone Number:1-800-SAMSUNG**

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I’m just guessing, but my guess is that they have to put the old hub in to some kind of limbo state before the migration can start and that’s why support’s involvement is required.

No one has a new hub or getting one that can be a tester for us? :wink:

Take one for the team!

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I am happy with my v2. Maybe if a v4 comes out with new gotta-have features.