Smartthings hub offline and online

(Jeffrey R Motes) #1

All of the sudden in the past 5 days my smartthings hub has been alarming me 2-5 times a day of my hub going on and offline. I read the forum and saw this happen before and mine is about the same. The hub is still accessible from my phone as are the devices. I have not been home when the hub has done this but this all started this week. The hub has been running great for 2 months before this. I have tried a new power outlet, network port on the router, and network wire. I am lost. PLEASE HELP :slight_smile:

(Kirk Hilzinger) #2

Is the rest of your home network down when this happens? It could be router, switch, carrier, etc.

( - Make your home your butler!) #3

Check your hub event logs from your IDE to see if it actually went offline/rebooted. If not it’s likely your internet connection.


And if all of the above don’t help, call the Samsung SmartThings support number directly. They are good people who will work with you.

(Jeffrey R Motes) #5

Turns out Thursday afternoon my internet crashed and was dead for 18 hours before they got me back up and running. It turned out to be an internet issue not a hub issue.