Hub reporting down

(Travis Roy) #1

Starting yesterday, my smartthings hub is reporting down on the app, telling me to check my internet connection.

But, my internet connection is fine.

Is there something wrong with my hub?


I’m seeing this too. It seems to have gone up and down (according to the notifications) a few times in the last 24 hours.

(Travis Roy) #3

Hrm, I wonder if there’s a wider spread problem.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #4

Go here and sign up for the updates. They have been having issues.

(Travis Roy) #5

Where does it say they’ve been having issues? There’s nothing for previous days, and hub connectivity says it’s okay.

(Garrett) #6

We’ve been seeing sporadic behavior and our team is actively working on it as I type. We’ll be updating that status page as they dig in and discover more. Hang tight, and thanks in advance for your patience!

(Alex) #7

I had several outages last night and one this morning. I came home late and my door was unlocked…

(Jeanette McCutcheon) #8

Hi all. We are working through issues right now that are impacting some customers in some cases generating a hub offline notice. Chat us or write in if you have any extra questions around this. will update as soon as it is resolved. Thanks for your patience everyone and sorry for the disruption!

(Garrett) #9

We got the all clear from our dev team and the Status page is updated. Things should be operational but if not, hit us up at

Thanks everyone!

(Ron S) #10

Same here. My hub reported offline last night. Keeping my fingers crossed. Things are good today…