Hubs Offline 22 March 2021 AM (ST WiFi)

Before I subject myself to the misery of talking to smartthings support…is anyone else with ST WiFi experiencing hubs down this morning?

I’ve got a few deployed in rentals, and I’d says about 1/3 of them went offline in the early morning hours.

No platform outages reported at this time.

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My ST Hub V3 is online and functional.

My HUB has been offline since this morning. I am in the US.

I did submit a ticket to support with no response yet. (typical)

Plume responded almost immediately but deferred this to SmartThings support.

Power cycling the hubs has brought them back online, but the source of the offline event is still unknown. Usually, if it’s a one-off hub that goes offline I just chalk it up to an ISP modem DHCP issue. But having 8 hubs (with different ISP connections) all go down at the same time in the AM across two different accounts is certainly beyond a DHCP issue. I have been adding non-SmartThings smart plugs to these so that when this happens, I can power cycle them remotely. Absurd solution but it’s cheaper than replacing all of these.

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This is the second time this has happened. The first time it happened when I unplugged it to move. The lights never came back on. Then last week the hub started working again until this morning.

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None of my automations are currently working. I can turn devices on and off thru the SmartThings app but automations are not working.

A generic trouble report just went up on the status page:

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LOL…got the text message right after I posted…go figure.

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They should just hire us to handle that page tbh

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Could this be happened because they are retiring these Hubs?

Mine is still offline this morning. None of the lights are on.

If you have no lights at all, and unplugging for ~10 seconds and plugging back in is not changing anything…that sounds like it’s bricked to me.

Test other power outlets and a second power adapter if you have one to rule those out.

I do think support for the ST WiFi is going to vanish; it was already fairly non-existent. Plume seems to be keeping their end of the product alive, but ST isn’t touching it with a ten foot pole.

This is the second time this has happened. The first time I unplugged it to move it closer to a device I was trying to connect. When I plugged it into another outlet the lights never came on. I tried to reset it but nothing happened. I put the Hub back into its original location. Then after about a week it started working again. Yesterday it just completely stopped working again.

I am fed up with this Hub. The Smartthings app and Hub are not so smart. I have had nothing but issues since I started using it.

Can anyone recommend a better Hub or should I wait until the Aeotec Hub comes out? I read it was replacing the Smartthings Hub.

The Aeotec hub appears to be identical to the SmartThings V3 hub, just with a different logo, so it’s true that smartthings is turning over hardware production to Aeotec, but I wouldn’t expect to see any performance changes, at least with the initial model.

Here’s the official discussion thread:

As far as other hubs, every platform has its own pluses and minuses, so it’s a matter of finding the one that’s the best match to your own needs. For example, platforms which are more reliable and stable might support fewer device choices or less complex rules logic. Or they might not have a nice user-friendly app. so there are a lot of alternatives, but it takes quite a bit of research to find the one that will be the best fit for you.

See the following section of the forum for discussion: