Hub Inactive?

Not quite sure whats happened here. Some tim today, my hub just decided to go inactive and I can’t get it working again. Lights on it are a solid blue, app says it’s inactive and I can’t wake it up.

Has anyone seen this before and how did you fix it?

This happens occasionally when the cloud service is overloaded. Very annoying, and one of the reasons I only use SmartThings for convenience use cases where I have an immediate Plan B available.

Yesterday it was happening in the US:

Identified - We are currently experiencing high database load causing issues with hub activation, device connection, and SmartApp installations amongst other issues. We are investigating the problem and will update accordingly.

You can check the status page for the UK and see if anything is listed there, but quite often the status page isn’t up to date.

The best thing is to contact support so you can get in the queue just in case it’s something specific to your account. But more likely it will just clear on its own in a few hours.

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Mine too. Still isn’t back online yet

Well it’s been about 20 hours now since the hub went offline and I still can’t get it active…

This happened to me the other day. It was not related to the platform update; I am not sure the root cause but we are on the case. It randomly came back on after a day or so. I was not a happy camper (especially because I was on the road) and know this isn’t cool. If you haven’t already - can you email with the email address associated with your account. We can dig into the Hub logs and see if we can figure out what is going on.

Had mine drop out literally the same time as you. Was able to coax it back to life (despite led showing connected and happy) with unplugging/replugging the network cable. I sense I was very lucky!

Well support haven’t been able to fix this yet. It’s been stuck in InActive mode for 3 days almost, however today I have a solid green light again. The app etc still think it’s inactive though so I can’t use anything.

I’d have thought SmartThings would have a local WiFi ability or something so that it can still be operated when the internet goes down. A huge oversight on behalf of Samsung

My hub is still down. Been nearly a week now and support don’t seem to be able to fix it.

Unfortunately, this is a terrible terrible experience for me. I can’t believe the Hub doesn’t work locally without a cloud connection, and I can’t believe Samsung have released this in the UK as an actual sellable product.

It’s barely a beta! I can actually do more home automation using my Nest and IFTTT to integrate with other devices…

Nothing to do with it.

The maintenance is US, I’m in the UK. My Hub is green but it’s inactive.

Then definitely ping the UK support, mate!

Did that on day one. They still haven’t managed to fix it yet! :frowning:

Looks like I’ve been got by this same situation. The hub is showing inactive on the mobile app and on

I’ve rebooted the hub, power cycling, checked the internet connection. The hub is obviously doing something because the lights have changed from blue to solid green.

It is a little disappointing other than the issues regarding the UK integrations and an aborted hub setup that went wrong, the system has been great and allowed me the tinker to create new devices, etc.

I’ve raised a ticket with but nothing back yet.

Little bit of bad news. After 7 days, support have decided I need to replace the hub, so its onto the waiting game of the returns department to send me the information to send mine back.

Glad I haven’t bought it, otherwise would have been an instant refund!

Oh dear, that doesn’t sound good. Still waiting on real help from support but for me I did purchase it so not good after a couple of weeks ownership.

Pain is you start to rely on the functionality and the hub isn’t working properly.

Hopefully something will come from support soon.

Happened again to mine this evening. Reboot makes no difference. Time to eye up a replacement - starting to miss the vera I moved from.

You would think this must be a cloud connection issue if there are multiple people having it, otherwise it implies is there a hardware quality issue appearing. Bit disturbed at the lack of replies to emails from support though. Not sure you can start to rely on this tech yet.

I wonder if its the ‘cloud’ / authentication servers receiving too many requests from a set box within a set time. Sort of a DOS prevention. Mine died out just after it sent 20-30 alerts to my phone about sensor actively (I’d forgotten to disarm after getting home and walking through the house for 10 minutes). It eventually came up again last night after several power cycles on it (and 3-4 hours passing). I know its easy to blame my own network. Each time it booted it went blue and after a few minutes went green (so as far as it was concerned it was connected) except App+Site were reporting the hub as offline.

Just an idea, probably not factual base behind it.

Sounds like the hub is going to need to be replaced. Just typical it failed 3 days after the 30 day instant replacement at Currys although it is now 37 days, so got into the repair discussion with Currys.

Smartthings look like they will deal with this directly though. It is with their engineers, still feels like a cloud issue rather than the hub but Smartthings have started the hub replacement process in parallel.

Still hasn’t reconnected with the cloud, even though the hub is show solid green which implies it is working for the manual.

Exactly the same issue as mine. Really putting me off SmartThings at the moment, especially since there is no “offline” support. Waste of time, especially when the cloud doesn’t work…