Hub Inactive - Green Light

(Cuan Brown) #1

This evening I rebooted my hub when trying to resolve my door sensor not correctly configured. Since the hub went off, it is now saying its “Inactive”. I have turned it off, moved to a different network cable, put it in a different port on the router, checked the router to ensure it had an IP address. Its been about an hour and still no luck. Anyone else have a similar problem?

(sidjohn1) #2

this is something support should tackle

(Cuan Brown) #3

Cheeers - A bit odd as it was working and all i did was send the reboot command

(Mark Freelance) #4

You aren’t with BT are you by any chance…

Edit to be more specific - do you have a BT HomeHub?

(Cuan Brown) #5

On Fibre via SKY so is a BT link however I am running the Asus N68 Darknighr router. It has an ip on the router and I can see traffic between it and the router but for some reason it stays inactive

(Aaron S) #6

Definitely contact support - we’ll want to see what is going on