Issues with Hubs Offline and Control of Hub-Connected Devices (June 21, 2020)

I’ve not gotten any emails but checking community experience.

Any SmartThings cloud outages today?

I woke up to a solid blue light on my V2 hub.

US, Central Texas

Same thing here, Michigan

Mine was active, went blue about 7:00 am eastern. Tried to reboot twice, nothing. I’m thinking Samsung has an issue. Hub remains INACTIVE. Not sure what else can be done, other than wait…

Same experience for me in Georgia. I first noticed about 7:30 Eastern when Alexa wouldn’t turn of lights. It is interesting in doesn’t seem to apply to integrated devices like my Ring doorbell or Lutron or Bond hubs. I can still control these through SmartThings. It is just my Z-wave devices. I don’t have any Zigbee or WiFi, so I’m not sure about these.

Same experience in New York. Rebooted everything. Hub shows INACTIVE in IDE and the unit has a blue light. Started around 7:00am EDT.

I sent a ticket to open a case. Service status shows fine.

Got this reply (sudden volume increase):

I did the same. Received the same response. I cannot find anywhere that there is an outage, but clearly something is happening.

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According to the log, went down at 6:54am EDT for me here. Same experience as you all.

Maryland DC Metro Area v2 hub 000.030.00005 inactive since 6:54 am

Reporting in from Toronto, ON - also went down at 6:54am EST. Lots of similar comments on the r/SmartThings reddit page too.

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Same issue in South Carolina. Glad it isn’t just me.

My Nvidia Shield TV hub has been down since 2020-06-21 10:55 AM UTC

Same thing here in Florida. Both hubs went inactive around 7AM.


Some users in the Americas may be experiencing issues with their hub going offline and losing control of hub-connected devices. Affected users may also experience failures in automation execution with automations that utilize those hub-connected devices. We are currently investigating and will provide updates as available.

Posted 2 minutes ago. Jun 21, 2020 - 09:45 EDT

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My activity feed in the app says inactive since 9:37am. All devices and sensors have a red dot and won’t respond. Eastern time zone.

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I have a webCoRE piston that watches the status API and it just reported via Echo Speaks (and email) of the problem. So the cloud integrations are still working. The hub is still ‘blue’ dead with no home automation connected to it.

Here is the piston if anyone wants it. It works when they keep the status pages timely updated…took almost 3 hours since the problem started to update the status site.


ST Now telling me they are aware of the issue. My opinion, they should have known prior to users raising the issue. Let’s see how long it takes to resolve.

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Yep, this is a bad one. Per usual I’m left scratching my head at how these things continue to happen. Hoping that this isn’t taking out the Plume side of the WiFi hubs otherwise I’m in for a long day or two.

I just got an alert that my hub is back online. Went and checked … seems like everything is working right now.

Same. IDE log shows mine came back online around 9:15 am CDT