Hub Firmware Release Notes 5/26/16 (Hub V2) - 14.40

This one is super quick and simple.

  • Fixed issue where hub would show offline even when hub light was green.
  • Fixed issues with Z-Wave device identification.

Hub: 14.40
AppEngine: 1.3.0
VideoCore: 0.8.14
ZigBee: 2.1.8


Are you sure it was 5/9/16?


Good catch, my bad.


Smooth sailing here! I didn’t even know when it happened :slight_smile: No dead fish in the sea either after the storm. Only one zigbee device had to be resuscitated, but other than that…I am glad is over.

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All is well on the Space Coast of FL. Thanks for the update.

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Zigbee devices not responding after update

Definitely not the norm. A reboot of the hub might help things.

All of them or just some? If all, check ide to make sure your zigbee radio is still turned on (true). If some, just power cycle the device (s). I had one that went unresponsive after the update and taking the battery out and put it back in solved the problem.

mine is having the same issue… Time for a power cycle :slight_smile:

I power cycled many times, no change

Did you remove the batteries when you pulled the power?

To be honest after all this time, we all now consider this normal practice with smartthings and every so often random sensors need to be power cycled around the house. @slagle isn’t it about time we fixed this?


Saw my hub go down for the download on schedule but it never came back and is offline with 14.39. I’ve reset multiple times via red button reset but both even though the hub lights come back as green. When I attempt to use the app I see an “socket is unhealthy”. Any suggestions as I’ve been waiting 12 hours for a response from Customer Support? Love the product otherwise.

My hub is off line. It did not accept the update still on 39. Light is green but the status is offline.

I completed a hard reset (i.e. pushed the red button, removed batts/power, removed app/re-installed…) no change. Hub shows a green light, but the app shows “offline” It also show I’m still on Firmware 39.’

I keep my hub on top of a cabinet for better radio coverage between floors

Is there a SmartApp that can help reboot the v2 hub ? On the V1, it was easy with a WiFi / RF ON/Off module. v2 has a battery which requires me to get on a ladder and then press the reset button


Batteries? Ha! I didn’t even know it took batteries!
Anyway rebooted many times, no luck
IDE states radio is on with zigbee firmware 2.1.8

Everytime something like this happens I have to listen to my wife complain how this system sucks! Come one Smartthings! Please get things right!. All our Zigbee lights are on because I have them on a fixed switch (to avoid kids turning them off)

Please reach out to support, you did not receive the update yet which is targeted at fixing the exact issue you are describing.

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OK Support responded and this fixed the ZigBee issue:

Go to the MarketPlace>Things
Select Connect New Device
The app will say, I’m looking for your new Things… and display a spinning circle
While the hub is searching, reset the device that is not responding
Please note that the app will not display that a new device was found