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Hub Firmware Beta 19.14

(Tom Manley) #1

We plan to upgrade the enrolled beta hubs from 19.13 to 19.14 today. Here are the release notes for this version:

  • BUG-0042: Stop generating unnecessary events for Hue devices when state is not changing
  • BUG-0026: Multiple IP address changes for LAN devices were not tracked properly

I’ll update here when the update is complete.

(Tom Manley) #2

All the beta hubs should be running 19.14 now.

(Steve White) #3

Any news on Z-Wave fixes? The power cycle events have calmed down but I’m still seeing 1-2 per hour.

(Benji) #4

Hey Tom,

Were all previous beta hubs the ones that were beta testing this one as well? I was running previous beta firmware but not sure if mine was supposed to be updated to this.

(DavidK) #5


Looks like following IP address of hue hub might be fixed this time.

(Joe) #6

Any update to the battery reporting issues for Smartthings Multisensors?


Hi @tpmanley,

I have posted a ticket that upon updating, all my presence sensors went crazy by arriving and triggering my home to execute the “I am Back” mode.

Self-support steps:

  1. reboot my phone.
  2. reboot my hub.
  3. remove and re-add my wife’s IPhone 6.

And then it started working in the late evening.

(Realy Living Dream) #8

Looks like for whatever reason the Beta gods are against me again. Just checked IDE, rebooted the hub & no FW update.

(Alex) #9

I only had 3 simple verification tasks in Centercode from when I first signed up. No more tasks for us to do?


Same here. Kust completed them and posted a Bug report.

(Kianoosh Karami) #11

Hi Steve,

Regarding the Z-wave issues, basically it is the Z-Wave chip locking up, and the host application cannot talk to it anymore, therefore a power cycle is needed. To fix the issue, we would have to update the firmware on the z-wave chip. We are hopeful that we get to do that in the next release, this is pending on how much test coverage we get done from now till then.

In the meantime, In 19.14 we added a minor change that may help with some of the unresponsiveness of the Z-Wave chip. In the meantime, we are trying to find other workarounds.

Also, just because we power cycle does not mean the network is getting reset or devices are dropping off. We are offline for a short period of time, and can quickly begin to receive and transmit messages.


(Tom Manley) #12

Can you submit a BUG report for this problem? We have looked into the problem and have some questions.

(Robert Robinson) #13

I have got to add this about 19.14 Firmware. With the exception of having to delete some Smart Lighting Apps and reinstall to get them to work properly. My system is working faster and better than it ever has. I had 3 Motion Sensors that I had removed the batteries and threw in a drawer, because I thought the were dead, 1 Samsung, 1 Lowes, 1 Aeon. Once I got the 19.14 updated and realized how much better my system was running, I was able to add all 3 Motion Sensors back to the system and they have been working perfectly. Keep It Up SmartThings !!!

(Steve White) #14

What are the changes for 19.15? I don’t see anything posted but noticed my hub has been running it for a few days.

(Tom Manley) #15

We put 19.15 on a few hubs with targeted fixes for some issues a few people had reported. Although they didn’t make anything worse they didn’t make it better enough for us to release the changes to everyone so we’ll be rolling those few hubs back to 19.14.

(Steve White) #16

If the changes were Z-Wave related, the stability of the Z-wave network has improved a bit since it was deployed. .14 was a complete mess which rendered Z-wave almost unusable. At least with .15 my doors are locking when they’re supposed to.