Hub Firmware Release Notes 5/09/16 (Hub V2) - 14.39


  • Z-Wave Join V2: The hub will now attempt to complete secure inclusion (if necessary) and collect all necessary info about a Z-Wave device before sending it up to the cloud. This prevents device configuration problems caused by this activity interfering with the configuration commands that the device handler sends.
  • Partially fixed an issue causing the Z-Wave module to fail on startup when it has a problematic device record


  • Fixed a race case in LAN handling where bytes would not always be read before closing the connection resulting in truncated messages to the cloud


  • Improvements to local video processing engine
  • Improved reliability of video clip generation with Smart Home Monitor

Hub: 14.39
AppEngine: 1.3.0
VideoCore: 0.8.14
ZigBee: 2.1.8


Join v2 collects manufacturer, model, and version info before creating the device record in the cloud. The cloud changes necessary to make this information available to device handlers – including for fingerprinting – is complete but still in testing. I’ll be letting you guys know more about how to use that when it’s ready.

You can tell a Z-Wave device was joined with the new join v2 by looking at its device details in graph – the Raw Description field will look like something like this:

zw:S type:2001 mfr:0086 prod:0002 model:0005 ver:1.18 zwv:3.28 lib:06 cc:30,31,80,84,70,85,72,86

For the zw: part, S means sleepy, L means repeater, and F means beamable battery-powered device. There will be a small ‘s’ after if the device is using Z-Wave Security.


Lots of those changes would seem to apply for v1 hubs as well. It has been previously stated that v1 are still supported and will receive FW updates as well.

Any guess on when all those old and faithful customers/early adapters can expect fixes for their hub?


My hub is showing firmware version: null since the update

Ok, received hub update, and ALL IS WELL… kinda.

So after the update all my z-wave motion sensors were stuck in motion and wouldn’t refresh. A network repair also wouldn’t fix it. I randomly opened one of the doors with a z-wave door sensor and lo and behold, all the motion sensors refreshed and updated their status properly.

Very weird but no other issues and everything is normal.

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i seems to be ok. things look to be working so far…so this wont help the sonos affecting zwave issue. but on a plus side it does fix the Issues i was seeing with the @pstuart’s Genric Camera stuff. pictures just now work

How was sonos affecting zwave devices? Upon leaving our home (based on presence sensors) I have our 4 Schlage locks lock the doors but there have been issues since day one. Many times, it fails to lock at least one of the doors. I’ve been dealing with support for close to 2 years now and they cannot figure out the issue. Wondering if it’s interference with Sonos. How do I test this?

Remove a your Sonos or DNLA devices from ST. The day I did my zwave network became rock solid


I’ll try that. What us a DNLA device though?

Did you have to remove more than one? Because my z-wave has been rock solid for over a year and have a Sonos connected too…


I tried with just 1 and was still having issue there. All though not as frequently. But I also wanted notifications on all my Sonos devices. Which I now have achieved via another method . But would love to go back to the integrated solution

Any easy way to rejoin all these to update that info? Alll mine still show the old raw data. Be neat to explicitly see the sleepy, repeater, beamable status, like that.


Same here…

This website has a pretty good layman’s explanation of **What Is DLNA, And Is It Still Used?**

What is DLNA?

DLNA stands for “Digital Living Network Alliance.” This trade group, created by Sony, certifies networked media devices as “DLNA compliant.” Networked media devices include game consoles, home theater systems, speakers, storage devices, and smartphones. Software can also be DLNA-certified — Windows Media Player can use DLNA to communicate with other networked media devices…[/quote]

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There isn’t yet, sorry. We’re planning to add that, not sure when.

Basically, if it runs on a battery it’s sleepy unless it needs to respond to commands (like a lock or siren), then it’s beamable. If it’s plugged in, it’s a repeater.


I have 3 Sonos Play-1’s connected along with BOOST and never had any issue on my zwave network ever!


After my update I lost all my photos for rooms and people. Also broke my nest device. Don’t see anyone else mention so I’ll assume it’s just me!

yea, I’m not seeing that issue.

One of those things we just have to learn to live with I guess. I forgot about the update and tried to use my system as per usual during the upgrade. I normally leave it alone. Probably broke because I was in the middle of updating some apps at the same time.

My one camera lone camera no longer works, it doesn’t stream in the app, and doesn’t appear to record video. Everything worked until the update. A ticket is open.

Edit: No response to the ticket but the camera is working again, and connects much faster than before. Nice job!

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