Hub Firmware Release Scheduled for 1/21/16 (Hub V2)

Hey all,

A hub firmware is scheduled for release on 1/21. Between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm Pacific Time on Thursday, we will be automatically updating your Hub to the latest and greatest version. The update includes improvements to LAN-based device discovery, Hub connectivity, security, live streaming, and Z-Wave device removal.

The update is expected to take less than 10 minutes, during which time your Hub will temporarily go offline. Also provided below is a more detailed changelog.

App Engine

  • Fix Sunrise/Sunset scheduling bug after hub reboot
  • Update smart apps / device types
  • Updated source code for currently supported local devices
  • Update ZigBee library
  • Fix issue with time-based schedules executing immediately on hub reboot

Firmware Versions:

Hub - 14.26
appEngine - 1.1.0
Video Core - 0.8.6
ZigBee - 2.1.6
ZWave - 3.83


Likey, likey…what does it mean, though? :slight_smile:

@slagle The release notes (video and execution on hub) seem to indicate that this is for v2 hubs only - could you please clarify?

Yeah doesn’t mater to me if you say v2 hub or Samsung SmartThings Hub, or “the new one” but clarifying announcements like this would be nice.

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Good catch, thanks guys, updated title to reflect. :smile:


Does this include automatically assuming presence sensors have left if the hub is offline longer than the presence timeout?

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Zigbee details? :sunglasses:

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Probably not. Not a schedule issue. Since that works on when the devices “leaves” rebooting the hub includes this since the cloud sees it has “left” aka can’t see it anymore.

Which means hub update will trigger both away activities and return activities when it comes back. Might want to warn people about that as it could mean garage doors opening, etc.

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I am very interested in this as well. Hopefully it moved Zigbee performance in the right direction.

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Is this the long awaited mDNS/DNS-SD/bonjour support or just updates to SSDP/UPnP?


What does the update mean by Z-wave device removal?

Or could be just a fix to the current hue bridge and/or harmony hub discovery problems, that is, something that only affects existing official integrations.

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Might also want to send a separate warning to anyone who is paying for the scout service as they may trigger their alarm system if it’s based on presence. The presence sensor is noted as away, the alarm system gets armed, the family’s normal activity in the house sets off the alarm, Scout is notified.

This issue should be fixed in this firmware update. We’re not expecting Presence/Arrival sensors to check out during the update.



When we update the firmware we load in the latest versions of all SmartApps and Device Type Handlers in our Github repos. Our cloud has a flag that enables the local execution per-Device Type Handler.

This update allows us to continue testing new locally executing DTH and SA in order to enable the local execution on your hubs.


Could we get more info on the LAN improvements?

also could we get rough timings for the following:

  • Better local device and rule support
  • Bluetooth connections (features and when they will be available)

ZigBee OTA updates? :smiley:

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Any chance this has a role in fixing the IOS bug? (My wifes gets really irritated when smartthings ignores her presence)

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