Hub Firmware Beta 0.20.12


  • 0.20.12

Hub Target

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub V2)

Release Notes

  • Fix issue during Z-Wave startup process causing unintended behavior
  • Improve crash reporting for hubs that fail early in the boot process

Release Date

  • Friday January 12

The roll out is complete. All beta users should be on 0.20.12


Did you forget me?

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To all - When creating a Simulated Switch, make sure you select your Hub after selecting your Location when you Create. If you don’t select Hub (which isn’t required), then the Simulated Switch will not be Local.

Just an FYI.

You didn’t get enough attention already?

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Sorry about that, you were on a separate list since you got the release a bit earlier than everyone else. Your hub should be updating to 0.20.12 within a few minutes.

Thanks Tom. You didn’t have to interrupt your Friday evening. Still I appreciate your taking the time. I can confirm that the hub upgraded. Thank you!

I can be quite demanding. I get it from the boss.


Hi @tpmanley,

I was able to get a Keen Vent (zigbee) to join yesterday, but I can’t get another new to join today. I’ll try again from another spot in the house, but I already did that a few minutes ago, and no luck…

I’m on 20.12

Submitted BUG-0090 in CenterCode

Well go figure… as soon as I completed this report, bam I see a “zbjoin” event in the IDE and boom there’s a vent.

All z-wave devices are offline.

I got devices dropping like flies still. Some won’t even reconnect.

Be nice if ZigBee Button can be set local.

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I second that suggestion. The Iris buttons specifically are very common, it would be nice be able to control SL rules when the internet or cloud is down.

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I got the notice but I didn’t seem get the firmware update.

Does this version upgrade the Z-Wave radio firmware or simply make a radio firmware upgrade possible at a future time? The reason I’m asking is because I have issues with that status of my door sensors being lost. For example, if I open and close a door (with a sensor) quickly and this event triggers other Z-Wave devices to become active (light switches/chimes), many times the door closed status just seems to go missing. This leaves things in a state that the door is reported as open when it is closed.

I’m not sure if the issue is related to the Z-Wave radio firmware, but does anyone know what kind of problems are fixed in the Z-Wave radio firmware? Should I expect improved Z-Wave behavior when this firmware is released?

Are your sensors Zigbee? If so, unrelated.

My door sensors are Z-Wave.

There is a beta in a beta with the new Zwave firmware.

So what kind of issues does the new Z-Wave radio firmware address? Are there known status loss problems that it fixes?

I don’t know. I haven’t heard of the issue that you’re referring to. I use Zigbee and I don’t have that problem. Sorry.