Hub Firmware Beta 0.24.2


  • 0.24.2

Hub Target

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v2)

Release Date

  • Thursday, August 23

Release Notes

  • Added support for additional DTHs to execute locally
    • Everspring Flood Sensor
    • ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb 5000K
  • Added local support for Z-Wave DTH temp offset
  • Fixed issue with unexpected Sonos events appearing in mobile app "Recently" list
  • Fixed issue where portable Z-Wave slave device wake up interval was not properly set.
  • Fixed issue with Z-wave switch where ‘level 0’ event being sent when dimmer is turned off
  • Fixed issue with First Alert Z-Combo ‘tested state’ not clearing
  • Fixed issue with local temperature measurement events missing units
  • Fixed issue with incorrect rounding on local Zigbee level events
  • Firmware updates for the following devices
    • SmartThings Multi and Motion Sensors (2015) - add support for secure rejoin
    • SmartThings 2018 sensors (Button, Motion, Water Leak, and Multi) - Speed up join time and secure rejoin improvements
    • SmartThings Outlet (2018) - Speed up join time
    • Cree Bulb


Please submit bug reports through Centercode.


wouldn’t this also add local processing for zll-white-color-temperature-bulb-5000k (aka Ikea bulbs) since it has a minhubcoreversion of 23?

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When will the update take place?

Yeah, that DTH should run locally now, however, I don’t think the ikea bulbs will work as they use XY for color and right now that DTH just supports hue/sat.


Updates for all hubs in the beta list are rolling out now.


won’t work at all or won’t work locally?

Just got mine, so far so good. Timing wasn’t great because I was trying to rejoin my Linear garage door opener.

got mine, too.

Is this firmware ZigBee 3.0 ready?

That would be major and I doubt it would slip the changelog. My v3 has zigbee firmware 3.0.4, I wonder whether v2’s zigbee firmware has to catch up to the same revision to gain zigbee 3.0 compliance.

Edit: My v2 has 2.7.6 zigbee firmware

2.7.6 here :frowning:

Is the Multisensor modelv4 = 2015?

This firmware does not support Zigbee 3.0.

I realize now that you mentioned a white color temperature bulb, not color. I don’t have any experience with that specific ikea bulb so I’m not sure it’s exact situation, but I would guess that it would work locally.

The color Ikea bulb won’t work at all with our ZLL color DTH, it requires different zigbee commands to change the color. On/off and level should work fine, but changing color won’t work. There are likely some community DTHs that support sending XY color commands, and it’s something we are working on providing a general solution for, but for the time being you will have to use a community DTH for the ikea color bulbs.

My TRÅDFRI bulb E12 WS opal 400lm bulbs are working locally with that DTH and white color also works. Thanks!

I added this DTH to the Release Notes


I just came home and my Sonos speaker didn’t announce the text string that it should. This worked before the update, could this be looked into?

This fixed my issue in the new app where trying to set a custom automation rule based on the temperature of my Aeon Multisensor Gen5 would only allow picking Celcius.

My fibaro UBS just stopped responding to a closed contact message, is this anything todo with the beta firmware?

Please file a bug report in Centercode so we can look into it

My Hub also got upgraded to 0.24.2 and everything seems to be working fine!

One thing I just noticed is that Z-Wave protocol is now reporting 5.03 which seems like a big bump from the 4.54 pushed to everyone on 0.21.x. Great to see the Z-Wave protocol progressing but have not seen specific mention of this on release notes… Did this happen here or on 0.22.x? And BTW, was there ever a 0.23.x?