Hub Firmware Beta 0.27.8

Version: 0.27.8

Hub Target:

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v2)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v3) (2018)

Release Date: 04 Sep 2019

Release Notes:


  • Fixed issue where, in some cases, the hub failed to relay LAN traffic received on port 39500.
  • Z-Wave: Fixed possible connectivity issues with Multi-Endpoint Devices (Noticeably Fibaro Dimmer 2).

Hi all:

Firmware version 0.27.8 should now be on all beta hubs. For those that were experiencing issues specific to the last update (LAN Rx traffic on port 39500 or Z-Wave multi-endpoint devices), we would love to get your feedback and confirmation that the latest update resolved the issues you were experiencing.

As always, thanks for being beta testers!


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I had issues pairing a new fibaro dimmer 2. Could not pair securely after 20 tries. After firmware update, pairing was successful after first try. Thanks!


I had issues controling my Fibaro Dimmer 2s. They are all working perfect now.

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Could you elaborate on what the issue was here so we can test other multi endpoint devices.

I have a recent issue with Fibaro FGS-223 where S2 (child device) shows as unavailable when S1 (parent device) on the same module shows fine. Both S1 and S2 operate fine though.

My MQTT came back after the update and seems to be working normally.

However, there is one interesting thing. Immediately after the previous update, I lost the ‘To-Hub’ side of communication but the reporting worked. Thanks to the ‘Disconnect Hub’ fix, I was able to restore the communication. Then, two or three days ago, I lost it completely and could not repair it no matter what I tried. Was there a half-beta release?

I’m hoping this has to do with parent devices working fine and child devices timing out and not showing status changes until the app is killed and re-launched.

I’m having that issue with all 7 of my Zen25 double plugs. The parent device that controls both outlets works fine and updates in the app. Both child devices, that control the individual outlets work, but the app throws a network connection error. You then have to kill the app and it will refresh and show the correct status.

I read somewhere that it was a bug that ST was trying to resolve and should be included with the next update.

I guess I spoke too soon.
MQTT stopped working. Completely.

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