Hub Firmware Release Notes - 21.12

(Chris) #21

And once again an update with 2 days notice. Sorry, but this is unacceptable for me. I can‘t wait to get completely migrated away from ST. The cloud outages and zero influence on „when“ my hub is updated is driving me away for sure.

(Sean Mathews) #22

Any more detail on
“Improved reliability communicating with LAN-connected devices”

I just recently changed our driver for the AlarmDecoder to use local lan communications and any heads up on what changed would be appreciated.


(Zach Varberg) #23

From a DTH perspective you shouldn’t have to change anything. It was mostly in how we are building and handling requests on the hub that things changed. Of course if you do notice any changes please let us know.

(Sean Mathews) #24

Where are the docs on the capabilities of the “Virtual Switch” and “Virtual Dimmer Switch”? I would like my code to run locally as well but it is not clear the path required to make it work.


(Zach Varberg) #25

“Virtual Switch” supports the “Switch” capability (i.e. you can turn it on and off) and “Virtual Dimmer Switch” supports “Switch Level” (i.e. you can turn it on, off, and set the level). The code is also in SmartThingsPublic here and here

(Gabor Szabados) #26


Could you give some details about the Osram firmware update? Is it intended to solve the repeater problem of the bulbs or just a general firmware update from Osram.


(Bryce) #27

What do all of these ZLL updates mean? I was under the impression that SmartThings used ZHA profile.

(Jimmy) #28

EU Osram uses ZLL

(Zach Varberg) #29

The firmware was provided by Osram, and should help improve the network performance when routing through the bulbs.

(Gabor Szabados) #30

Thanks! That sounds great. I hope it will work finally. I have a few weird behaving lights. May it will solve some problems. :slight_smile:

(Borristhecat) #31

What version did they give in the end?

(Zach Varberg) #32

The Osram fw version is 0x01020412

(Borristhecat) #33

O I’m on 0x01020510 so sounds like they didn’t give you the latest?

(Glen King) #34

Ok… so what’s the difference between, say, a simulated dimmer and a virtual dimmer?
As an example, I have a salt lamp on a dimming Outlet. I’m using a simulated dimmer to allow it to do certain interactions in Alexa. The simulated dimmer is in the cloud.

I know I can’t get Alexa to run locally lol… If I simply change the DTH of that dimmer to the ST virtual dimmer, will it then run locally (at least from ST’s perspective)??


I have OTA updates turned on on my UK hub but unlike US customers, they do not do anything in the UK, leaving me unable to update my Osram light strips.

Does this update enable this ability for UK customers?

(Sean Mathews) #36

I use local network to receive push messages and it is my understanding that this still runs in the cloud. I would like it to run locally so lights all get turned on regardless of the network state when a fire is reported.

Here are my current capabilities for the different DH I create.

definition (name: “AlarmDecoder network appliance”
capability “Refresh”
capability “Switch” // STAY <---- Chage to “Virtual Switch” ?
capability “Lock” // AWAY <- where does this run?
capability “Alarm” // PANIC <- where does this run?
capability “Contact Sensor” // ALARM -> Smart Home Monitor What happens if the network is down?

definition (name: “AlarmDecoder virtual contact sensor”
capability “Contact Sensor” <— “Virtual Switch” ?
capability “Refresh”

definition (name: “AlarmDecoder virtual smoke alarm”
capability “smokeDetector” <-- where does this run?
capability “Refresh”

It sounds like I would change “Switch” for my STAY state to a “Virtual Switch”. Do any of these other capabilities require network? Can local network device processing now happen locally?


(Kebel87) #37

Can you guys elaborate on this? Sometime my hub is unable to send httpget for several minutes. Is there any chance it will fix this?


Does this mean that smartthings will finally be able to detect my smartcam?

“Improved reliability communicating with LAN-connected devices”

(IanF) #39

Having a condition based on another switch state is a great piece of functionality.

(Allan) #40

I brought this up in a firmware release post 7 months ago and I’ll bring it up again. Please get the generic “Z-Wave Water Valve” DTH over to local execution. It is one of the only, if not the only, generic SmartThings DTH that doesn’t run locally. The Fortrezz DTH does run locally but has the opposite open/close action as the generic which means it won’t work as a replacement.