Hub Firmware Release Notes - 20.17

(oscahie) #82

Another firmware update, another time that I need to pull out the batteries to manually reboot my hub because it won’t reconnect on its own. Bravo guys, bravo.

(Dana ) #83

I have a Samsung dryer as well, got the little USB adapter to make it “smart” and it identified as a washer as well. Sent the USB stick back.

At least it’s consistent. :slight_smile:

(Ahmed ElSerafy) #84

Iphone x ST application crash

(Jimmy) #85

(Dan Shoffner) #86

I’m with you, not very “smart” in my book. It was so nice when hub and tv talked to each other.

(John) #87

Same here. They can’t fix it. Been that way for months.

(Ahmed ElSerafy) #88

Same crashes with that latest version.

(Larry) #89

One or another of my houses are always empty, this is why i don’t have batteries in any of my hubs. I have them on an ups with an independant wifi switch so i can reboot them remotely. It has saved my bacon a few times.


Anyone else having issues with SmartLighting functions that rely on motion sensors? I have things that worked for the better part of the past year that now are not evaluating the mode. For instance, I have some motion actions that should only run in “Night” mode but always seem to run now. It only seems to impact some sensor / light combinations and not others.

(Kevin) #91

Yea same. Well at least a few that have time constraints of say sunrise to sunset -60 or such. Turning off lights it shouldnt. I doubt its because of the firmware update…but something has changed


Ha. KevinH - I just posted in your thread on the matter at the same time: SmartLighting ignoring time constraints? (Feb 1 2018)

Something has gone wrong with SmartLighting since yesterday.

( #93

A lot of problems after update. In the app on the phone (samsung s7 and iphone 6) i constantly have unexpected error or all favorites can’t lod (on every tab is the same problem). It is a mess from this morning since now, i can’t use nothing as usual… Please fix it fast because it is not sirious , just test it more … it’s shame that so many thing for a lot ot my money now are useless.

(Jimmy) #94

App problems aren’t related to firmware update. Look in the app threads and you will see potential work arounds to solve the app issues.

( #95

It is not app problem. On diferent devices problems are the same, and more now when i send command from the hub to ip (sonoff-tasmota) device i did not recive a response. !
First of all i am custumer and i bought a product wich can’t work without the app so it is problem for the hub and the app when somethig not working as expected… How can i get my money beck for the hub and all devices in my house…
Be more serious pleace …!

(Jimmy) #96

I would suggest you contact support for serious help.

(Dave) #97

I’m seeing this too. Everything ok on iPhone, but app won’t load favourites on iPad. May have something to do with the app update released on Wednesday.

Edit: iPad ok now. Favourites showing after 5th attempt of loading.

(Bart) #98

Here exactly the same issues in the app!
It was before and after I updated the app. But after the firmware update!

So my suggestion would be that the firmware update is causing the problem.

( #99

I’m mad, I’ve lost all day trying to fix things or at least figure out where the problem is. YOu must allow the people to return a firmware version, now we can not do nothing …just wait.

( #100

I WANT TO ROLL BACK TO version 19.20
How can I do this? Since last night everything works nice…
Why not test better, why at 20.17 instead of 20.16 you have released 20.17???

(jeubanks) #101

@enchoss, Unfortunately there is no rollback. There’s also limited local processing, so when you’re internet has issues or ST cloud has issues, or a dog farts in another continent you may experience issues.

Lots of us have been “working through” these issues, which means just putting up with it. Generally a few days and things are back to normal. Then we go through the roller coaster again! There’s a lot of posts about stability, reliability and local processing. Just do some searching and you’ll find you’re not alone in your frustration.