Hub Firmware Release Notes - 20.17

(Steve White) #102

As others have said, the app issues are not related to your iPhone problems. I have no issues delivering criticism to SmartThings when warranted, however is unfair to accuse them of not testing better when 20.x was tested for well over a month by community members here including myself. As far as rolling back, you can’t and it wouldn’t do any good as your app issues are not related.

(jkp) #103

Do you have WebCORE presence sensor installed or using Aeon devices?

(jeubanks) #104

As @stevewhite has said, the app issues are probably unrelated to firmware. I’ve noticed the app has been pushed multiple times to my phone this week. So I think they are trying to fix the problem, but not going too well.

( #105

I use CoRE for 2 of my devices…

(Jimmy) #106

@enchoss try looking for this in any custom device types you are using
iOS 2.14.0 released (1/30/18)

(jkp) #107

Can you look in IDE under my device handlers and tell us what you have installed there. Perhaps someone here can recognize one that may be causing an issue for you.

( #108

( #109

And when i tap on random device icon to open the device window it constaltly closes and i had to try 5-6 time to open a device window …

(Bartek) #110

I see similar problems on Android App.
“Sorry there was an unexpected errror” popping out all the time, and whenever I try to go into any device, it always closes on first try, and enters on second.

Was working perfectly fine before update of firmware.

(Stephen) #111

My firmware is 000.014.00014 so it looks like my hub didn’t update. Is there a way to do the update manually? Is the previous firmware 000.014.00014 or have I missed a previous update also?

(jkp) #112

@smn You need to contact ST Support. I have an odd feeling you will not like the answer they will give you though.

(Bartek) #113

Doing a firmware update on late Thursday/Friday, is not a best idea in ENG world :slight_smile:
As developers, you should know guys, not to do releases in the end of the weekend, but in the beginning instead.

(Stephen) #114

Well since my previous hub just bricked on me last week and I had to reinstall everything on a new hub, I am not real positive right now. Thanks for the suggestion.


Having the same issue here since today with the “Unexpected error”. Typically the error message displays when coming into the “Things”-tab or the Dashboard. If killing the app and restarting, the Things won’t load, neither will the Favorites. I have to refresh those manually

I’m on eu01-euwest1

Android device/os version is most likely not the culprit since i have the same issue on my Galaxy S7 with Android 7, and my Lenovo tablet with Android 6. I also noticed that the Lenovo app still was on 2.13.0 and my S7 on 2.14.0 (updated yesterday) so conflict between app and new hub firware seems more likely

I have three devices that now are displayed as LOCAL (as expected), the Aeon Multisensor 6, and two Z-Wave Plus door/window sensors.

Neither of these things are directly added to Dashboard/Favorites. But I noticed that I had “I’m back” added to favorites, that routine contains setting SHM to disarmed. SHM armed = Aeon Multisensor 6 motion being active, so there is a link there. So i tried to remove “I’m back” from favorites (took 10 attempts) but error is still there. Trying to manage favorites is virtually impossible, takes 5-10 reloads to get the list

(jkp) #116

Aeon devices is one of the devices with the affected dth.


Well since I’m not running custom DTH for the Multisensor 6 I guess I have to wait for the ST team to solve it I guess

(jkp) #118

Contact ST support and report your issue.


Yeah I will, thanks!


Since the update to v17 my Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensors events now seems to be “motion” instead of “contact” and report “motion” instead of open close according to the event log.

2018-02-02 5:28:47.923 PM CET
10 minutes ago DEVICE motion inactive Front door motion has stopped
2018-02-02 5:28:45.011 PM CET
10 minutes ago DEVICE motion active Front door detected motion

2018-02-01 5:02:32.752 PM CET
1 day ago DEVICE contact closed Front door is closed
2018-02-01 5:02:27.494 PM CET
1 day ago DEVICE contact open Front door is open


My hub still shows firmware 19.19 in both the mobile app and IDE.