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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 20.17

The update isn’t released until tomorrow

The update didn’t mess your system up. It’s not scheduled until tomorrow

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Sorry if I was mistaken. I had received an email about the update and woke up to find my hub had disappeared from my configuration. Any idea about how that could happen? I can Ping it’s IP address but SmartThings doesn’t seem to know it exists.

@Brad_ST , any lock that’s running a device handler in the cloud (even the stock ST Z-Wave Lock device handler in the cloud), the event updates aren’t being passed to the Smart Locks local execution.

Replicated with Schlage BE469, Schlage FE599, Yale Assure and Kwikset 910.

Very easy to replicate, just take the stock ST Z-Wave Device Handler from Github and create a new device handler in the cloud with the code and set the locks to use that device handler instead of the local execution handler.


Good news: It fixed my Powerbot R7040.
Bad news: the iOS app has a bug where you can’t connect to the device to control it.

Android still works and device status in both still works.

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Z-wave generic dimmer switch type already runs local

Hmmm. The switch type might work with certain switches, but in conjunction with my TKB hardware it won’t run locally.

I also hope this fixes the issue of Smartthings not recognizing its own devices. I purchased the Q9F TV and one of the main attractions was connection it to the Smartthings universe! Having it interact with my Echo.

I guess I’ll find out at some point tomorrow!

And I hope that this upgrade fixes the issue with my rainbow not having a pot of gold at the end of it… The leprechaun is optional. :slight_smile:

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No TV fixes in this firmware that I know of

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We are looking into this but I am curious about when you would use this? If you’re using the stock DTH, why would you self-publish?

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Thanks. Lots of reasons. Bugs, enhancements. Not all locks work with the stock and some need modifications for processing lock events etc to get it work properly with ST. These basically modifying event processing so if the stock device works in the cloud the fixes and enhancements will also work.

Well at that point you aren’t using the stock DTH. Given the nature of custom code, Smart Locks is certified to work with WWST locks using stock DTHs.

Okay, so it doesn’t work with the stock DTH in the cloud either (unmodified). We can go around in circles here, the point being there’s a bug in the local execution of the app, it has nothing to do with modifications. It would be nice if ST can look into the issue and fix it.

Isn’t it ST’s architecture that it shouldn’t matter if the code is running in the cloud or locally. It should work the same right? Well it isn’t in this case.

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It’s pot of bitcoin now BTW.

Gonna need a bigger pot then.

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Ramit, we are looking into it. I am just trying to establish the conditions which it occurs. As I said, Smart Locks is intended to work with WWST locks using a stock DTH. Any deviation from that ideally won’t cause issues but is not guaranteed.

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You can replicate the conditions using the stock DTH running the cloud Brad. The only difference being running locally and in the cloud.

Can you clarify…I have a 2017 Samsung TV and I just logged with the same email account as the one in Smartthings…still nothing listed.

Which firmware version does your TV have? If you sign into the Samsung Connect app with the same Samsung account as on your TV, do you see the TV under your devices?