Hub Firmware Release Notes - 20.17


They aren’t on the same firmware and so don’t have the same numbers or the same update schedule.


I have 2 Samsung cameras connected to Smartthings, a 6410 and 6417. When oh when will I be able to view the feed in landscape mode on my android device? It works fine on my wife’s iPhone 5s, but not on my galaxy S7.

Also, it would be great to be able to use the motion/sound detection capabilities of these cameras with Smartthings as well.

The current integration just feels really half-baked…

(Dave) #23


Must an Aeon Multisensor 6 be using the standard Aeon DH in order for local execution to work, or will it work with a customised DH?

When will we see the generic Z-wave dimmer with local execution (TKB dimmer outlet - UK model)?



No device will function locally with a custom Device Handler associated to it. Not in the SmartThings world at least.

(Guy) #25

Aeotec Multisensor 6 local processing, great :slight_smile:

… the last device I have that needs to be added is the Aeon Secure Smart Energy Switch UK

(Rafael) #26

can you elaborate a bit more on this point?
“Fix discovery of some Samsung Digital Appliances”

I have a Samsung PowerBot 9350
SR2AK9350WK - VR2AK9350WK/AA

And cant join ST…

(Tony) #27

Yeaaahhh! my light automation will finally be able to run locally…

Most of my lights are automated on motion sensors (Multisensor 6).
The lights have a local DH but the Sensors were not local (ie defeat the purpose)…
with the local support of the Multisensor 6, all will now work locally! (yeah I can have light when the internet is offline! and hopefully event quicker response/less lag (from motion detection to lights on!)

Next, please support the Aeon Aeotec Wallmote locally as well and that would be perfect !
This is a great Z-Wave switch BTW!


Can you explain this further Brad? My Samsung 6000 tv integrated fine with ST until a recent firmware upgrade. How can I re-integrate it?

(Jagan Ramamoorthy) #29

Yes please clarify this, my samsung 8k series wont connect to ST anymore…

"I really wish Smartthings would release an update to fix the connectivity issue with my Samsung smart tv. It used to connect until a firmware update killed that. I’m sick of waiting on the other side of Samsung to fix it, maybe you guys can fix the problem. It’s infuriating to have bought a 1,200.00 tv because it would connect to smart things and then the manufacturer not only Eff it up, but not give a shit about fixing it. It’s been 5 months and 3 tv updates later and still nothing.

(Daniel) #30

I believe it is affecting all locks using RBoy’s custom DTH.

Hey @Brad_ST - would like to report an issue with the Smart Locks app (actually it may go beyond just that one app to a bug in the local processing engine) If one uses the stock ST device handler but runs it in the cloud instead of locally on the hub, the Smart Locks app does not update the state of the lock or the dashboard. There appears to be a bug in local processing where smart apps interacting with cloud device handlers doesn’t appear to get event notification updates. One has to manually force a page refresh or restart the app for it to “see” the event updates. ie. the event updates from device handlers running the cloud isn’t reaching the local execution smart apps. Very easy to replicate this issue. Hopefully it’ll be an easy fix from ST’s engineers on this one.

(Ricci Hoffer) #31

Yes, but it is in a phantom location, created from the merge of accounts. It there anyway to get it into our original ST location? I have to use WebCoRE and simulated switch to link turn off automations to the phantom location to turn it off. On does not work at all except from the Samsung Connet. app.

(Jeffrey Schriesheim) #32

My SmartThings V2 Hub went offline at 12:17am (EST) last night and never came back. It is no longer connected to my account. Rebooting doesn’t help. What am I to do? This is the 2nd update that has totally screwed up my configuration. What kind of testing are you guys doing?

(Dave) #33

The update isn’t released until tomorrow

(Lee Florack) #34

The update didn’t mess your system up. It’s not scheduled until tomorrow

(Jeffrey Schriesheim) #35

Sorry if I was mistaken. I had received an email about the update and woke up to find my hub had disappeared from my configuration. Any idea about how that could happen? I can Ping it’s IP address but SmartThings doesn’t seem to know it exists.

( - Make your home your butler!) #36

@Brad_ST , any lock that’s running a device handler in the cloud (even the stock ST Z-Wave Lock device handler in the cloud), the event updates aren’t being passed to the Smart Locks local execution.

Replicated with Schlage BE469, Schlage FE599, Yale Assure and Kwikset 910.

Very easy to replicate, just take the stock ST Z-Wave Device Handler from Github and create a new device handler in the cloud with the code and set the locks to use that device handler instead of the local execution handler.

(Jimmy) #37

Good news: It fixed my Powerbot R7040.
Bad news: the iOS app has a bug where you can’t connect to the device to control it.

Android still works and device status in both still works.

(Jimmy) #38

Z-wave generic dimmer switch type already runs local

(Dave) #39

Hmmm. The switch type might work with certain switches, but in conjunction with my TKB hardware it won’t run locally.

(Adam Brickner) #40

I also hope this fixes the issue of Smartthings not recognizing its own devices. I purchased the Q9F TV and one of the main attractions was connection it to the Smartthings universe! Having it interact with my Echo.

I guess I’ll find out at some point tomorrow!