Hub Firmware Release Notes - 19.19

No. Do not revert for everyone.


Can we have a option to turn off updates till we know they are safe?


This has been asked repeatedly by various members of the forum. It appears that does not mesh with the strategy SmartThings has in place for rolling out releases.

Admittedly, to do so would have pros and cons: not the least of which is managing who has what release – and the resulting support nightmare. OTOH, folks who get woken in the night by sirens or flashing lights might rest more easily! :joy:

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I think tiered update releases are a fair request. Allow customers to select from beta, production or stable tiers.

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There are many known (and working) strategies for dealing with this kind of progressive upgrades, Microsoft calls it rings for Windows 10, for instance. Same goes for server-side environments.

Force upgrading everyone, and not giving the ability for people to rollback always creates this kind of frustrating situations… this also goes along with the ability to backup and restore a graph, as well as individual app instances.

For now, the hub is just a plugin of the cloud and versioned along with it, not a real edge device like it should be.


Smart Home Monitor does not execute commands when an intrusion alarm is not cleared in the Phone App and a second intrusion occurs

A user @kian of my SHM Delay app reported this and I erroneusly thought it was his Arlo Siren becuase I remember testing this scenario and thought it worked for me a while back. However, I went back and tried this and Smart Home Monitor is failing to execute any commands other than sending a notification when a prior intrusion alarm is not cleared from the SmartThings Phone App.

This needs to be fixed ASAP!

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unfortunately this is old news. It is also true for the leaks module of SHM. Just doesn’t make any sense. I agree it should be changed.

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And it’s not #Fake :anguished:

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@greg has it at least been acknowledged by Samsung? you would think something like this would be fixed asap. i have family members who may be more forgetful than me and forget to clear/dismiss alerts and then the whole system becomes a paperweight.

It’s been acknowledged by ST support in an email a few years ago. I’ve tried to be vocal about it on the community site in the past.

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Wow, years and it hasn’t been fixed. And that was probably a cookie-cutter level 1 tech who acknowledged it meaning anyone important or influential hasn’t heard a peep about it. Welp, I guess thats the way corporations run. Not there problem until people get really vocal.

We also want to provide greater control of when updates are applied. Currently due to large changes on the mobile front new features that require UI work are on hold. Most likely, the update mechanism for first party hub integrations (where we directly control the update infrastructure) would provide notification of hub updates to the mobile app.

(Note, these details subject to change, this is just roughly what has been discussed and I cannot provide any promise of when or if any of this will be available. This is one of the things I would like to see supported in our system and will continue to advocate for the importance of the feature. With that in mind, we are far from the only popular IoT device that deploys updates in this fashion.)

The update notification would let users know that an update is available and be able to tell SmartThings to go ahead and apply the update. The text for the update would also note that the update will be automatically applied after some duration of time. Finally, user’s would be able to opt into having updates applied as soon as they are available if they choose. Security related hotfixes would still be pushed out automatically.

With the beta program that exists today, there are essentially two tiers for beta and production. I don’t think we would add another customer tier although one could probably achieve the same result (using the proposed update controls) by waiting to apply updates until the maximum time elapses or you feel comfortable that others aren’t reporting some issue that you believe will impact you.


ST and your updates are feeling more like windows 10 everyday.

Microsoft=Here are your driver updates plus some other updates we want you to try
User=NO…in the name of god NO…my PC is running great…

Microsoft=Tough :slight_smile:


My device never updated. I’m still sitting at firmware 16.14

You need to open a ticke twith ST support.

Thanks, just sent them one

The only issue I had was I lost all Zigbee after the update. I ended up removing the batteries and power for a few minutes and plugged it back in and everything has been stable ever since.

I have occasionally have had problems with the Zigbee side so this is not new for me.

New this Smartthings. FYI, my Zen thremostats all stopped obeying all commands (as near as I can tell) right about the same time that this FW update was done on my hub. Please advise on how to rollback my hub to a working version so that my pipes do not freeze. The thermostats seem to be reporting current temps correctly, but I am unable to change anything on them.

I would contact ST support.

Totally agree…, Being with ST for now more than 3 yrs, we screamed, whined and shouted about tons of issues then but were always civil.