Hub Firmware Release Notes - 19.19

This release also seems to have broken button and motion events from Skybell. I’m not sure how it’s related, but I’ve now verified 3 other users who agree.

The skybell integration is cloud-to-cloud so the hub is not involved at all with the integration. Alignment with the hub release is more than likely just coincidental.

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We have observed this on a small subset of devices showing symptoms similar to what you are describing and team members are working to isolate the root cause for specific instances of the problem.

I don’t think this change is likely related to the 19.19 release directly. The Samsung Connect Home currently runs a firmware based on the 17.x release series so if there is a change in behavior it could be with changes to the cloud platform for DTH for this device.

I would encourage you to raise the issue with support. Info for contacting them can be found near the bottom of this page (phone, email, chat):

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Thanks Paul. I say firmware because I was able to add it no trouble before, now it’s not even being seen at all to be added to the system - from either hub (Connect Home or ST Hub.)

I’ll give support a shout, I do like these sensors and hate to ditch them.

Are you able to exclude the devices?

@posborne Hoping you can assist me. It seems since the last update my hub is going offline (disconnecting) and then reconnecting. This is causing huge issues for me. Is this the issue that is being investigated?

It is being looked into. My hub has been suffering the same fate for weeks. I have been sharing logs with support too. It appears to happen during times of heavy network traffic, such as running routines, or ironically sending logs.

I am still trying to determine if my router is causing the issue or not. I noticed when I got home that half of my network was not working correctly. Looking into it.

Edit, it is not my router, I have had 3 more disconnects in the last 2 hours. Is it heavy network traffic on the hub or my lan?

I’m running into an issue with ST sending apparently inaccurate battery reports on my CR2. Seems to have started within the past couple of weeks, perhaps coinciding with the latest hub firmware update?

Specifically I have a few motion sensors that use CR2. On fresh batteries they usually last 4-6 months. I saw they were low a couple weeks ago and changed them out with fresh ones. Now just a couple weeks later ST is reporting the battery level is low for these sensors again.

It seems the battery readings are inaccurate now. For instance it says my battery is at 89%, even though it measures 3.10vDC !! In which case it should report that battery is at 100%.

Anyone else having issues with this? Is it a known problem? Thanks.

I wonder if this is related to Batteries always 100% for all things and ST Multi-Sensor battery reporting issues and they are trying to fix those 2+ month old bugs which is causing other issues.

Figured it out. Funny story, I have all my routers and switchs and what not plugged into a battery backup. My 3 year old daughter just figured out that there is a big glowing blue button on the battery backup. My wife and daughter where at home yesterday, and without my wife realizing my daughter went into the guest room and pushed that blue button, not once but 3 seperate times over a 3 hour period. So when she pushes that button the entire network goes down including the ST hub. LOL, my little stinker is growing fast and likes to push buttons, LOL.


Happy Holiday Story! :slight_smile:

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i also have skybell hd and st does not register any motion events…motion notification however works fine in sb app. i have mine setup up turn on the front entry light when motion is detected and this has worked before and stopped working recently. any ideas?

i’ve tried hard resetting st hub as well as remove/add sb connect and sb from st but no change.

This is a known issue that support is tracking.

good to know and look forward to a timely fix…thanks.

Brad, no - I’m unable to exclude them. Neither of my hubs are able to see either device at all. It’s like they don’t exist.

So if they aren’t excluding, they definitely won’t include. You will likely have better luck adding them to the v2 Hub as it supports more devices but I would second Paul’s advice to reach out to support.

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Okay so I called support this afternoon and a really nice guy walked me through the whole thing - turns out I was doing something wrong! Now both sensors work great! I have to say, I’m actually impressed with support - the guy was sharp and was actually quite helpful.


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