Batteries always 100% for all things

After the latest firmware update, battery meters for all things show 100% all the time. What is going on? anyone else has the same issue?

I have 3 Iris motion sensors which have all been showing 100% as well.

Probably related to this thread: ST Multi-Sensor battery reporting issues

Support Ticket: 412456 (email support yourself and report this to hopefully get it fixed faster)

Issue opened on GitHub:


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Thanks all for the help.

One notable thing is that Smarthings still has some mechanism to track the battery level. I got an alert that one thing only has 1% battery left. I went to the app, it still show 100%.

Interesting That’s good to know.

My batteries levels finally started reporting something besides 100 present around midnight.

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Good catch! I’m seeing 78% on all of my Iris motion sensors with two month old batteries.

Same here. Something changed somewhere.

That’s really great. It’s nice to be able to see the battery level for a change.

Yep, yesterday all my Iris motions were 100%; now a couple with 1 week old batteries are 78%, everything else at 67%. Though my OCD may regret losing the ‘100%’ fantasy, at least there is now a way of distinguishing ‘fresh battery’ from ‘still functioning’ and ‘dead’.

Unfortunately they have not fixed smart things manufactured leak sensors yet, I have 5 of them all reporting 100% while I have a single centralite leak sensor reporting 73%. At least they are making some progress…

Yes, a cloud release went out at the end of last week with this change: DVCSMP-3349 Use old reporting logic for older firmware Centralite sensors by dkirker · Pull Request #2603 · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsPublic · GitHub. This reverts the battery logic for Centralite sensors with the older firmware version.

The battery reporting with these sensors is still not great but should not be at 100% when dead. This older firmware reports battery based on non-loaded voltage (on top of these being Li-Ion coin cells) which does not provide sufficient information to provide good battery reporting. The newer firmware was intended to improve on this by reporting voltage under load but we discovered other major issues during roll-out and have stopped to investigate further. We continue to discuss these issues with the device manufacturer (Centralite) for these models of sensors.

EDIT: (Before the feedback comes in) Yes, this took forever to land and it really shouldn’t.


DAMMIT! Now I can’t complain about it. Well I can but it won’t be as fun…

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